9 Signs You’re Becoming aware

1. Nature is more appealing than ever, and especially more enticing than fancy restaurants, shopping malls or bars.

2. Crystals are amazing gifts. Your wishlist is filled with them!

3: You refuse to ingest toxic antibiotic-filled, factory-refined and / or pesticide-filled food-like products because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Fresh, organic salad on the other hand…


4. You’re not easily fooled. Your newfound clear-mindedness and ability to read people means you just know when a new friend is lying about something.

5. Meditation is much more than just a stress-relief tool

6. Friends ‘randomly’ text or call you just minutes after you suddenly thought about them. Coincidence? As if.

7. Some of your friends refer to the Earth as Gaia (the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth). Yes you googled that.

8. Your life and the events within it now have much more meaning whilst things like television and magazines have absolutely no significance.

9. You are working on your manifestation and attraction skills, with more and more wins as you progress!

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