Acceleration of Ascension – 2012

The past two years have seen quantum jumps in the collective expansion of awareness (ascension), and the awakening of the masses.

Words such as Karma, chakras, manifestation, and all sorts of other words that are normally the vocabulary of those who are in a path of self discovery, are now used in society at large.

This year it accelerates a thousand fold.

A few days ago, I was chatting with three women I am collaborating with in a journey beyond mysticism, and after the call, I had the “instructions” from Source that it was time to stop walking on the planet with cotton gloves at an energy level, and to “let it all out”, become unlimited. I looked at the instructions and decided to go ahead and apply them.  Of course, the instructions are not just for me, but for everyone who is reading this article too.

Yet it was not quite clear to me what it is that we need to do to allow this to happen. How do we allow all of our “Self” to come through? All the energy which makes up our singularity to shine through? How do we shatter all the cotton gloves, all the stoppers and limits and just shine?

If you have had any contact with me, whether through this website, or personally at a meet and greet, or other situation, you will know that I don’t “use my own energy” for the work I do here. I step out of the way, and allow source to come through. So, this particular set of instructions was rather puzzling.

I sat with it. And I saw something.

During my life, I would often be visited by a “future me”.  She would step out of a portal, and into the “past”, where I was having some sort of difficulty. There was something extremely pure and light about my future self. She was the type of person I would feel reverence toward. Not in a patriarchal way, but of pure unconditional love and trust.  The type of reverence one feels for a sunset, or a huge, beautiful tree.

Her advice and guidance was always spot on. And sometimes, she would simply be there.

Every now and then, I will tap into the future and visit her.  I will do a comparison of me now and me in the future, and always felt there was a long ways to go.

And as I started to allow “my energy” to expand, following the instructions from Source, I saw all the “differences” between myself now and that future self.

I realized that there were still “importances” that had built up in this singularity called Inelia. I looked at them very closely. They were resistances to becoming all that I can be in human form. They were solid. They had to do with keeping the physical body solid, and also with keeping reality as solid as I could. It was rather funny for me because I have spent most of my life trying to build up a sense of singular solidity in order to live on the planet. And now… that need is gone.  There is no reason to stay small, singular or solid.

And it struck me that in order for our light, our higher self, to come through 100 percent into this singular self (now it can because we are in our new paradigm), we really do have to dissolve every attachment we might have to our solid, singular, important selves.

Fear is the most solid of all energies. And importance is based on the fear of loss. If something is important, it is important because we don’t want to lose it.


So, to really trigger those things that are holding us back, we can ask: What’s important to me?

And then process the fear behind losing that thing/person/situation/dream.

Ah! Then comes the fear of, “I don’t want to lose that as an important aspect in my life.”

You see, we have been taught that it is the important things that give meaning to life and if we lose all the importance from our lives, then there will be no reason to live.

Yet, it is just those “importances”, no matter how important, which are the “attachments” that keep us stuck in a low vibrational level existence.

The illusion of having to “move” to another dimension to have this higher vibrational experience is just that, an illusion. We can exist in this planet, now, as higher vibrational beings. And yes, we will still be seen by those who don’t shift gears with us.

Are you ready to step into this newly available level of experienced existence on this planet? I sure am.

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