Are You Doing the Timeline Wobble?

We are going through a big timeline wobble at the moment, so don’t worry about not knowing where you put your car keys! You probably don’t have a car harharhar

Don’t worry if you lose things, find yourself wearing different clothes to the ones you put on, having people’s phone numbers not exist for an hour or so then working again, or finding it harder than ever to count things.

What day is it? Do you have to think about it a lot when normally you don’t? Of course, if you are like me, you will never know what day it is until you look it up on your smartphone or computer screen. Same with the time of day 😀

But… if you are usually very aligned with the time, day and your schedule, and suddenly days go amiss, or get doubled up, if suddenly the time of day is a complete mystery… you are dancing the timeline wobble.

Also, people’s personalities around you might be changing from day to day.

If you watch mass media, many items will come and go, and come back again like they never left.

While you type on the computer, letters and words go missing, or they appear in the wrong order, don’t worry, you haven’t lost your typing skills… you are doing the timeline wobble.

My advice would be to relax into it, enjoy it and don’t worry about your mind or memory. It’s perfectly fine. You are not losing your mind, and it’s not “old age”.

If you want to ensure that your timeline stays in the direction you have chosen, spend at least 20 minutes a day daydreaming yourself having a very expansive and positive life experience. You can choose a certain topic that you are working on, or is getting very wobbly or daydream life in general. Make it personal, emotionally stimulating (remember that emotions are the builders of realities), and as detailed as possible.

What is a timeline wobble?

A timeline wobble is when timelines start bumping and crossing into each other. As our singular and fixed viewpoint is steady, what we see and experience outside of us becomes unsettled and less permanent and solid than we are used to.

These wobbles happen when various groups in our human collective start making powerful and strong decisions on our collective experience here on Earth. They can also happen when we ourselves are going back and forth in our frequency, decisions and co-creative agreements.

Or… it could be a glitch in the matrix (wink, wink).

… there is no spoon.

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