Ascension and the Art of Manifestation

It is no secret that a person will need to be fed, safe, and secure in life before they will start engaging in spiritual advancement.  And I mean the basics, food in the belly, water, shelter of some sort and no wild animals or nasty weather killing his or her body.

On our modern society, it is often the person who is financially secure who then has the time and interest to begin on a spiritual ascension path. However, sometimes this security doesn’t last.  What to do then?

When we stay in a state of Oneness, or visit it on a daily basis, miracles happen.  Things start going right for no apparent reason. Our wishes come true and life stabilizes.  We really do not need to do much more than follow our inspiration and joy, and life works itself out for us.

However, we do also exist in a geographical area which is assigned to us for the time being, to a social karmic group that might be going through some rough patches, and so on and so forth. In other words we do not exist in isolation.  Can we change those circumstances as easily as we can change ours?  Yes, but not very quickly. It takes time.

There may come to be times in your life that you need to manifest wellness, whether financial, health, relationship or other, and do it quickly.  This is what you do.  You learn a manifestation module, such as The Law of Attraction, and stick to it!  But my advice to you, do your meditation first, go to a state of Oneness first, then do the manifestation exercises.  WARNING: Don’t get stuck manifesting. Do it once a day, then go back to your natural state of ascension, follow inspiration and joy, stay heart centered, quieten the mind and allow the flow of universal energy to flow through you.  You can find a great money manifesting tool with the Reconnect with the Spirit of Money in the audio section.

There will come a time when you will no longer need to manifest, because all that you need, and more, will flow to you easily and effortlessly simply by making Oneness your main priority in life.

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