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The steps below will have a real effect in our personal lives, as well as on the planet.  It is energy work. And when thousands of individuals join in one intention, real, tangible, shifts occur.  This article is going to over 12,000 people, many of whom will forward it to their loved ones, friends or mailing lists. The website where it is posted has so far had nearly 2 million pageloads and nearly one million unique visitors.  I ask you to become part of this healing process, and do the steps, share the article using email or your personal networks, and thus inform others about their innate, divine power of co-creation.

We are presently going through an enormous Human Collective transformation. As each of us raises our personal vibration, we raise the vibrational level of the entire collective.  When this happens, people wake up.  Lies get exposed, and corrupt systems break.

This presents us an opportunity to transform our systems.

There is no doubt about it. Our financial system is changing.

  • Call to Action step One:
    Process your fear around “financial collapse”. Use the Fear Processing Exercise. The full text for the exercise is under Tools at the site.  Process fear of losing what you have, your job, your home, your wealth, starvation, seeing your loved ones die, war, and any other fears that might come up when you think that the financial system will cease to exist in the near future. Process “helplessness”.

We tend to externalize the reasons why our present financial system is corrupt, and basically designed to enslave.  After all, we had nothing to do with its creation. We were born into it.  And that was true up until a few years ago, when we started to wake up as a species and now, we can do something about it.

Now, we can transform it.

Money is nothing but the objectifying of a natural and free flowing energy of support and abundance that has been in the planet since time begun.  We originally created money in a way that would allow for energy exchange in a precise and helpful manner. By creating energy exchange, we stay out of energy debt.  Energy debt is not a good thing when we have it while living in a physical reality. You can inform yourself about energy exchange, and debt by reading the article Debt – A Link in the Chain of Enslavement.

By reconnecting with the true energy behind money, and healing our relationship with it, we can not only transform our personal support systems, but as awakened individuals we can also transform the planetary financial system to something which is pure, clear, clean, impeccable, and supportive of every sentient, and non sentient, being on the planet.  This second part of it, the fact that as we heal our own relationship with money, we also heal and transform our system, has not been picked up by many. Which is why I feel it necessary to underline again here. And that is why I am asking you to take the second, and most important, step in this collective intention project.

Two simple steps. Let’s do them! 😀

Thank you for your support and your continuing work to co-create an empowered human reality!

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