CALL TO ACTION – Let’s do a global experiment

Larry and I recently learned about something that a LOT of people already knew about and have been doing for some time now.

Vaporizing or misting distilled white vinegar outside, to neutralize chemtrail clouds.

We heard about the method in a podcast, then in another, then another. All within a week. The most recent was episode 502 of Crrow777 speaking with Amandha Vollmer. 

When I researched the method on the internet, I found laughable videos and a lot of people calling those who did it “quacks” and other unkind names. “Weirdly” enough, none of the podcasts or articles that we had come across while listening to our favorite interviewers and scientists appeared in those search results.

To me this was doubly interesting.

It was also interesting that the people calling those who tried it out unkind names didn’t try it or test the method out themselves. They just trolled the channels and posts with similar or identical comments to invalidate the method and make fun of the videos and photos.

This clearly indicated to me that the nasty posts were trying to stop the method from becoming popular.

The people who I heard speak about it were super intelligent, able, capable individuals. Not “quacks” at all.

At our online community sites, we sent out homework to do the experiment and see what happened. We had before and after photos that were very, very impressive. The gray white milky fog that covered the skies was gone. The sky would either become a deep blue or if it was originally cloudy, it would turn the clouds a bright white or deep gray and start raining. One person reported that there had been no rain in her area for a long time and after she did the experiment, rain clouds formed and it rained. 

The reports showed no more milky high altitude fog. And this happened within an hour or two of each person doing the experiment.

I personally hadn’t seen the sky to be that deep blue in a long time. In the horizon, the chemtrails and milky mist was still there. To me this means that the effect of this experiment is localized. The clear skies were huge, but in the distance the effects of chemtrails were still visible.

One of the scientists who did the experiment speculated about the reaction of acidic nature of the vinegar to the alkaline nature of the heavy metals in the chemtrails. Another, a chemist who had researched in depth, explained it as an ionic hydrogen chain reaction.  Whatever mechanism is at play, our call to action is observational in nature.


Here is the experiment! Use the method most suitable to your skill and living conditions. If you are in an apartment, for example, it might not be suitable to make a campfire.

  1. Get a gallon of distilled white vinegar and a pot that can hold it to boil, or black pan to allow the sun to evaporate it, or an electric kettle. Or a humidifier.
  1. Boil or mist or evaporate it outdoors.

    For this part, you can use a kettle with about two inches of vinegar and refill as it boils off.
    Use a hotplate and a pot to boil it.
    Make a campfire to boil the pot.

    Use a humidifier.
    Put it out in the hot sun in a black pan and let it evaporate

    In other words, you want to make small particles of vinegar lift in the air through vapor or mist.
  1. Take a before and after photo and post it on our telegram group!
  1. Do this once a day for a week if possible. If not, then just once this week is excellent.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing your results, especially as we are doing it together and we can then see what happens as we all do it!


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