Charging Our Batteries

Larry sent me a cute little video of a guy talking about what charges our batteries and what depletes them. It took me a few seconds to figure out he wasn’t talking about the batteries we put in electronics, especially as he was talking about what gives and takes away electrons. 

I am very literal most of the time and as we are not usually labeled as “batteries”, I could not understand what the man was talking about at first.

The video talked about what gives us, people, electrons and what takes electrons away. 

Here is a link to the video so you can see what the man says about this. I am not familiar with the man in the video, so cannot speak as to his other teachings (if he has any). But this teaching I found to be excellent.

What gives us energy and what takes it away?

Here are some examples of electron flow and access:

  1. Lifeforce, Prana, Chi; are what I would call the electrons themselves.
  2. TaiChi, ChiGong, Feng Shui, Yoga; The way some of these are taught really connect us with the electrons in our environment and bodies, bringing them into a good and healthy flow.
  3. Grounding, Oceans and Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls, Negative Ions; Water bodies are a natural and instinctual magnet for us. They can refresh and restock us with healthy doses of electrons.
  4. Eating (can be giving or taking away electrons); Not everything we eat is food. Some of the highly processed items we eat are very depleting of energy and some fill us with energy.
  5. Endorphins, Laughter, Exercising; Ways in which we can generate electrons with our bodies.
  6. EMF, Microwaves and Radiowaves (for electron robbers); The mechanics behind how these take away our electrons is not that complicated. These technologies are harmful because of the chaos they create in the environment when the waves clash with each other, or crush into us.
  7. The clothes we wear (which can give or take away electrons); Mostly, if you stick to natural fibers, most clothes are supportive of our electron field. Organic cotton and silk seem to be the most supportive. Some artificial fabrics can be supportive, but most are not. 

Those are just a few of the examples that came up for me as I watched the little video. It is fascinating to become aware of this aspect of life and feel into it for a while. As we are in a time in our civilization when we have to give our bodies full support for a long and healthy, high-frequency life, becoming aware of this information can be another pillar in the structures we are creating for ourselves and others.

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