Angelic Forces and You

Many myths, scriptures and such from around the world talk about a “war in heaven”, or a “war of the Gods”.

In the West, we were brought up with Greek and Roman, and recently, Indian mythology, which talk about the endless infighting of the Gods and how these had  huge consequences in the lives of mortal men and women.

Some of these myths mention Angels, or Angel-like beings, who are fighting for the light. Some are depicted as protectors of mortal men, others as the enforcers of righteousness or God given orders. They also talk about Legions of Demons. Beings, very much alike in nature to Angels, who are instead fighting for the powers of Darkness.

In my book, “Interview with an Angel”, I explore Angelic forces as they have manifested in my own life. Based on true events, this book goes into the energy behind, and roles we give, to Angels on Earth. To summarize, these are actual, living beings who have a history, goals, desires and a life trajectory.

Although Angels can present themselves as solid individuals, people or animals, they are naturally a very subtle species. We could call them beings of energy or light. In that sense, it is possible for a human physical body and an Angelic subtler body to join just like a body and a regular soul joins. Once they join, there is no discernable difference between the person who has a regular soul or a person who has an Angelic soul.

Except we can usually tell them apart by the very nature of a person who is an incarnated Angel. They have subtle differences to the rest of us. One of the more obvious tells is their obsession with all things Angel. 

Let me give you an example.

I was visiting with a friend some years back who has a big Angelic presence in her life. She loves Angels, she has figurines and pictures of Angels all over her house. She is, in fact, what we might call an incarnated Angel. We were talking about something that was happening in the world, and suddenly I saw an Angel appear in the room. As I am used to not making a fuss about these things, I said nothing and gave no indication that I could see the Angel there. She then smiled and told me there was an Angel present and pointed to the spot where the Angel was standing.

She then went on to have a telepathic conversation with that Angel which I was able to verify as true and accurate (because I could hear the two of them communicating). 

She went on to tell me that the Angels she worked with were Christian Angels, and gave me their names. 

I asked the one present if he minded that she saw him and the others as these iconic beings from that religion, and he said they did not mind at all. That the interpretation she gave of the nature and message embedded in their communications was pristine. No need to complicate things.

Today, in 2023 and into 2030, we find ourselves in the midst of a break in agreed upon reality between those who chose to stay in a mixed reality including things like drama and those that chose to have an solely light filled existence. And we are not alone in this, the choice of this physical Universe. Many of the people who chose the light, fear free, paradigm, are indeed incarnated Angels who will carry on with their mission and goals to bring light into the physical universe and bring assistance to those around them to achieve their sovereignty.

For the rest of us, we can either accept or refuse the assistance that is being offered by these subtle beings we may call Angels, whether incarnated or not. This assistance is being offered to us and when these types of offers come about, due to our social upbringing, often we might think it is a saving energy. That someone stronger, more able and capable than us is coming to save us. This is a thought that could be from our own projections or culture, but often it is a thought that is given to us from the being itself. If you do get the feeling or thought that the beign/s are here to save you, then see it as a red flag. Be warned. Don’t engage in the role of someone who needs saving.

Wanting to be saved, instead of learning how to navigate life, is a “power over others” program. Don’t do it.

Angelic forces can help and support by being an expanded awareness we can tap into. Like joining hands when climbing up or down a slippery mountain. They won’t do it for us, we are the ones who need to walk down or up that mountain. Any being that tells you they will do it for you, or that you will not succeed without them, is a false angel, a negative entity, or other parasite.

Due to the split and our expanding awareness, many of us will start feeling the presence of our allies, the Angelic Forces around us. We will interpret them as fitting to our culture, religious backgrounds or social constructs. But when we do feel them, we need to truth what we see or perceive, because just like there are legions of Angels on Earth who are here as our allies, so there are legions of negative entities here (we can call them Demons if we want) to guides us into drama, fear, pain, codependency and suffering. Often, they will present themselves as full of light and it can be hard to tell them apart from an energetic standpoint alone. 

But as soon as you get the information they are imparting, the difference is obvious as can be. 

The Angelic side treats you as a sovereign, someone who is able, capable and a good ally to the Light, a brother or sister in arms. The Demonic side will attempt to fill you with fear, make you feel awkward and incapable, will promise protection and give you bad or violent solutions to your life situations. 

Understood like this, it is not hard to discern a true angelic being from a false one. 

To summarize, we are not alone in the Universe. We are in a Split in reality that we have chosen to experience. We, reading this, are going to the Light-Paradigm, and those who are choosing the Light/Dark-Paradigm are leaving. Our reality has other beings in it, not just humans, and these other beings are all working hard to get the split accomplished and completed. Some are light beings, and some are dark beings. They are all here to support our higher-self choices. 

Make sure you choose your allies carefully.

(A quick note from Larry) Read “Interview With an Angel” and expand your awareness about this further. And then read it again right after while your awareness is expanded to find the hidden gems.

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