Detoxifying your Physical Body – is it Necessary?

Extracted and edited for general release from the Spiritual Ascension 101 Course

Is it necessary to go on a detox diet? Well, not really.  You can work on your ascension without detoxifying your body and while consuming large quantities food toxins, drugs and alcohol.  But your progress will be minimal and very, very slow.  Also, the chances that you will stick to your Ascension work is highly unlikely.  The difference is like walking up a steep hill carrying 50 pounds of rocks on your back, versus driving a Ferrari up that same hill, with no rocks.  So, what exactly are toxic foods and drinks?

If you regularly, or even occasionally, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, I suggest you stop while doing your Ascension Work.  You will have much faster results if you don’t have these in your body.  Of course, taking these things should not stop you from continuing, or starting, your Ascension Work.

Other high toxins are: refined sugar, refined wheat, artificial food additives, coffee, chocolate, meats (unless they are organic and free range), and, surprisingly, garlic and onions.  We also ingest toxins from food and drink in the form of pesticides and hormones in vegetables, fruits and meat products.  Sea fish now also contains high quantities of mercury. And of course there’s the prescription drugs which are given out like candy these days.  Talk to your doctor about cutting down on prescription drugs. If you can’t cut down on prescription drugs, then you will have to do your Ascension work with them.

The process of detoxification doesn’t have to be sudden and extreme. Although if you can do it overnight, doing a detox diet and sticking to it, that’s about the best thing you can do.  Otherwise what we do is a gradual process of elimination.  So, for example, if you have a bottle of wine per night, then cut it down to half a bottle. If you take sugar in your tea, use a natural alternative or gradually cut back on the amount.  If you drink 4 cups of coffee a day, cut down to 2.  Anything in your toxic list that you can cut out of your life without a problem, do so straight away.  Progress slowly cutting back in the next few weeks as you do this work. And if you don’t manage to cut something out completely, don’t worry about it. It will have to do.  With regards the meats, the amount of chemicals used in the growing, processing, storing and packaging is the problem. So if you have access to organic and free range products, this is much better than battery grown animals and birds, the meat of which is full of stress hormones, growth hormones, artificial colors, antibiotics and other toxins.  If you can’t find organic, free-range animal products, then cut down as you do with other toxins.  The same goes for vegetables and fruits.

If you find that the process of detoxification is too severe, or you have no power over what you eat because someone else provides you with food, then a good solution is to fast one day a week.  Choose a day where going without solid food will not affect your work, and for 24 hours, don’t ingest anything solid. Keep to water, herbal teas and a chosen fruit juice, such as apple or cranberry juice. Fresh if at all possible.

Tap-water is now also highly polluted with chemicals, hormones and additives. Get yourself an inexpensive filter and use it for your drinking water.

At this stage, watch out for binge attacks!  This is the sudden urge to consume large quantities of food or drink which is not good for you. This is the body crying out for what it is used to.  Release the urge with love if you can. If you can’t and find yourself stuffing your face with crappy food or drink, then simply say, “it is my will that I will no longer feel the urge to binge.” Eventually the body will get the message and the urges will stop.

And last but not least, energize and feel gratitude for everything you consume before consuming it, whether it is an organic apple or a burger from your local fast food joint.

Check with your doctor, chemist or nutritionist before making dietary changes, including the taking of supplements and vitamins.

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