Do you want to give up?

For a period of time now, about a month or so, I have found myself saying the words, and feeling the energy too, of “I give up”.

Below I will write my “excuses” in italics. That way you will be able to see the mental process that can fulfill and feed our construct of reality. Here goes:

What has marked this month as different to other months is that Larry and I have been putting ourselves out there way more than usual. We participated in a street festival, have done several community activities in the area, and plan to do fairy festivals this year of 2023.

We also have several meetings and classes a month for private students, and visitors too. 

Our podcasts, Driving to the Rez, The We Talks, and Woo For Thought, are a daily activity from writing the articles they are based on, to recording them.

The numbers of subscribers, viewers and clicks are flat. They move up and down every week in single digits but basically they stay the same and have stayed the same for years.

We are clearly shadowbanned and as the rules of engagement in this world dictate, we are agreeing to shadowban ourselves.

Financially, we are constantly short of money to finish our projects both personal and public.

I repeat the same teachings over and over again, in multiple ways, and people still don’t get it. They still give their power away to their programs, other people or beings, circumstances and the world. 

I give up.

As you read these excuses you may think that they sound like reasonable excuses and that there are no real alternatives in this world of Power Over Others.

But they are not reasonable. Not reasonable for us, at least. Not reasonable for individuals who are capable and able to see beyond the illusion of separation. 

Part of my existence here, as well as yours, is a deep dive and immersion into a Light/Dark paradigm experience. This inevitably means that we feel the importances, emotions and results of our limited sensory input and the translation of those inputs through tons of low-frequency programs and beliefs.  Becoming aware of what we do with the feelings, as data interpreted through programs, is important.

Being a grownup, having a mature personality, being a person of character, having a strong moral force and integrity, incorruptible, courageous, irreproachable, wise, and a steady rock in a stormy and wild environment… doesn’t seem to be very popular in the environment we call “Earth”. Yet, it is what is needed in order for those excuses and so called lack of alternatives to leave our field of reality.

Larry and I were chatting about being adults the other day. How being an adult had certain dogmas attached to it that made it into a heavy and uninspiring role to play. And often, when we get tired and want to give up, we try to embody a childish character that is not only false and unreal, but also destructive and painful.

Why do we want to give up sometimes?

Because we don’t have many positive reinforcements that support our role as mature adults. In this timeline, there are no planetary Elders, for example, who we can map to or visit for wisdom and guidance during our formative years.  No circle of elders sitting around the fire being ‘wise’ in their silence while simultaneously sharing and building a field of awareness, within each other, of maturity. 

Keeping people as perpetual children is part of social engineering. Making them dependent and unable to make mature decisions is propagated and made into a desirable state. Men want to be “Peter Pan”, and women want to be “Princesses”. People in their 30s, an age when they are old enough to be running countries, are busy “adulting”. 

From the Internet:

Adulting is the assumption of tasks, responsibilities, and behaviors traditionally associated with normal grown-up life, with the implication that the individual in question does not particularly identify as an adult and that acting as one does not come naturally.

We have 30, 40, 50 and 60 year olds running around “adulting”, which is a move in the right direction, but not exactly acting their age. 

So, of course at some point, whether you are “adulting” or an actual adult, you are going to get tired of all this BS. At that point, use an expansion of awareness exercise and allow yourself a few minutes outside of the social and physical amnesiatic fog.  Sit with the elders of the Universal high-frequency human collective at a subtle level with an intention of connection and the resumption of your own path to maturity, for example.

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