Embracing our Seniority

In England, old people are officially called Senior Citizens.

Senior, according to the Princeton online dictionary, means: older; higher in rank; longer in length of tenure or service; “senior officer”.

My friend and sister-in-law, Loreto Alonso Alegre Arana recently linked a video of Mayan Grandmother Margarita on facebook for our benefit.  This is the first time I have hear of this amazing Grandmother and her teachings.

It is so wonderful to see that here is a woman, Abuela Margarita, who has paved the path of Ascension all of her life.  Her message is simple, easy to understand and direct.

There is a point in the interview where Grandma Margarita, mentions that we arrive at a point in life when we have closed the circle. According to her teachings, this is age 52, at which point we go back to birth and begin our work of mothering Humanity.  We then have children all over the world.  Children that we teach what we have learned and also LOVE.

Although my teachings are mostly agnostic in nature, and from personal experience, I have also had great teachers.  Seniors who have taken the time to put down their learned teachings down on paper, taken the time to go out in the world to impart their wisdom and share what they have brought with them.  As well as one unwilling Machi, who was placed in my path to share generations of wisdom and knowledge she carried within her.

It is up to us to discern what is right and what is wrong for us, unburdened by the thought that our intuitive knowings and channeled information will be polluted.  Not all flavors of teaching will be to our taste, and our inner guidance can let us know if we are barking up the wrong tree.

We must trust our ability to discern what is coming from source and what are ego ramblings.

It is also up to us to recognize the moment we ourselves reach Seniority and embrace it with our love filled hearts.  Due to the speeding up of evolutionary process, this moment arrives much, much earlier in life than 52.  It is a moment of, “oh, I am a grownup”, combined with a sense of single minded embracing of one’s life’s work, and a sense of freedom never before felt.

Grandma Margarita mentions that some people, when they reach that point of completeness, get stuck there.  Women in particular will start looking after grandchildren, or get stuck in “controlling” things.  I would add another layer here, particularly for the West, and say some men and women get stuck here trying to hold on to their youth and sexual desirability.

Before she died, I asked my mother what it felt like to go through menopause, one of the things she said was, “with sexual desire out of the way, I can now see and think straight.  I feel much saner.”  It is saddening to think that most women automatically begin hormone treatment or go on the pill to stop menopause and this natural state of saneness.

What seniority has meant to me is a huge sense of release and freedom to speak, unburdened by ego restraints.  I can call a spade a spade when it serves another person’s evolution, I can then watch as either they defend their rightness and prove me wrong, or step back and have a “wow” moment as their awareness expands.

I can also start websites like this one and put down on “paper” everything I have learned, and are still learning, for the benefit of anyone with an internet connection without having to “color” it to please editors, book publishers, or anyone who stands between an author and a reader, including friends and relatives.  Thus delivering the messages with their full unaltered flavor, to be absorbed or spat out by anyone who cares to try it out.

As for my personal work, I am an Ascension worker, this means that whomever is open to ascension and has any length of contact with me, or my work, will go through a personal level of transformation and ascension.  Does the contact change me? No.   The reason is that I am not involved in the process. The “I” who is here on Earth is simply a vessel for Oneness to come through, and for the work of Planetary Ascension to be completed.  And that is another thing that comes with age, surrendering our “identity” by stepping away and letting our Oneness take over in order to accomplish the work uncolored by ego or personal constraints.

A bit of wisdom I recently learned from another Senior, Denise Linn:

Don’t let your judgment of me, get in the way of you learning what you came here to learn.

And I would like to add:

Don’t let judgment of yourself get in the way of you teaching what you came here to teach.

With all my love,

Abuela Inelia, title earned and embraced with humble gratitude.

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