2012 and Earth Ascension

The North American sea oil spill is prominent on the news at the moment.  The devastating effects of offshore drilling is in the world’s eye.  This is very significant.  Not that the oil is spilling, or that the “world is bleeding” as some sensationalists have put it.   The world is not bleeding, as oil is not the lifeblood of the Earth.  And, this is not a new problem.

Sometime in the 80s, my family and I, with a few friends, took a road trip to the Lake District in England.  After visiting the stunning and energy filled lakes, we continued west toward the coast.

We arrived at the coast at night time, so it was morning before we could go to the beach.  Well, to say it was a disappointing waste of traveling time is putting it mildly.  What met us that morning were miles upon miles of devastated coastline. The entire place was covered with crude oil. There was no wildlife, the stench of oil was horrible.  There were no tv cameras, no cleaning crews, no wild life workers cleaning up birds, nothing.

After talking to the locals, who were very amused at our need to see their coastline, it appeared that this problem had been a chronic, and ongoing situation since offshore drilling had began years earlier.

So, yeah, not news at all. Offshore drilling, the “lack” of oil resources and unsuitable technology being used for pumping out a substance that is not life supporting in and of itself, but actually kills everything it comes into contact with, is not new.

However, the worldwide awareness of this is new.

And this is what this World Ascension process is all about. A lifting of World Wide Awareness.

Selfish and underhanded acts are in the open for everyone to see.  Tyrannic governments, and their acts of violent oppression, are being broadcast around the world. Underhanded financial control is open to scrutiny.  Pharmaceutical company exploits and death tolls are slowly coming to the fore.

And, on the other side of the coin, Ascension information and tools are also broadly available to the masses through websites like this one and many, many more.

Like it or not, we are all becoming more aware.  And with this awareness comes the ability to respond, the ability to act, the ability to choose what we want and what we don’t want.

The human collective consciousness is not only something we can now tap into consciously, but also something we can influence.  Now, THAT IS NEWS WORTHY INDEED.

The 2012 World Ascension is all about our collective existence, collective choices, collective decisions and collective raising of core energy signature.

And just like we cleanse and raise our energy levels individually, so are we doing with the collective consciousness, and so is the Earth in this process by also doing it her own way.  Is she bleeding or in danger? No.  She is more powerful than ever.  It up to us to catch up with her.  The many movements for collective prayer, visualizations and command for change are the way forward.  And these will cause changes in our collective human life on Earth. As soon as these changes are felt, more people will join these collective movements, and this will have a chain effect on the overall experience of everyone on Earth.

As individuals we can stop indulging in negativity and start letting express, release and replace it with light and universal love energy (suppressing it doesn’t work).   It is time to stop taking part in the destruction, victim-hood and passive acceptance of life on Earth.  Every time we indulge in negative vibration, we are adding to the suffering around the globe.  The higher the vibration, the more joyful it “feels”, it is not about suffering at all.  Personal suffering simply amplifies suffering round the world.  The 2012 Earth Ascension might not seem significant when in the middle of a temper outburst or feeling sorry for ourselves, but it is. Every time/space second/inch counts.

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