Fairy Gardens: Creating magical spaces

Before we begin our exploration of Fairy Gardens, I would like to reminds us of the exercise we did a few weeks back, so we can continue with it:

I shared this exercise with our students at walkwithmenow.com and subscribestar. It empowers every single person to become an amplifier and transmitter of the true nature and energy of who we are. 

  • Write a minimum of 200 things you are grateful for and love about yourself, your life, the world, environment and creatures and people around you.
  • Read this list every day and add to it as you feel inspired to do.
  • Do this for at least three months.

Now I want to expand on something we touched upon in a previous article, but didn’t get into detail about, which is the creation of physical life affirming shrines and altars. In particular, I want to talk about the finding of and creation of Fairy Gardens.

We live in the Olympic Peninsula’s Rainforest. Literally, our yard is a forest surrounded by both logging forests and natural forests.

Most days, we go into the forest to walk the dogs, hike or simply hang out. During some of those outings, we have seen and photographed spots that can only be explained as Fairy Gardens. 

They come in all sorts of shapes and are generally small. The fairies, imagined or real, that live in those gardens are tiny!

A moss covered stump with beautiful miniature clover flowers, for example, with a clear spot where the fairies might stand or sit, or even live at. These spots attract us and make us smile and laugh. They are magical.

When I lived in Sacramento, CA, There was a garden store that sold Fairy houses and gardens. These creations were made on plant pots. They were works of art. The owners also sold all the materials and bits to create those miniatures. It was a magical and stunning store. They also sold little fairy figurines which I imagined could be placed in forests and parks, and might very well attract real fairies.

Why are these Fairy Gardens so magical? Why are they so attractive and filled with life?

We know, you see, what a natural environment is like and we know it contains magical little creatures we call Fairies. And we know how to replicate their energy and environment so that we can start sharing our reality with them again.

It is true that most of us have reached a certain age where other things are more important and take precedence. Other things that don’t include the looking for or creating Fairy Gardens.

But just imagine if you went for a hike in the wilderness, looked into the trees and spotted a beautifully created fairy house and garden that another hiker had left there, maybe? Because perhaps for a few seconds, you may play with the idea that the house and garden were not placed there by a person, but that it was real. And for that moment, you may pretend it was real and that fairies did indeed live in or use that house and garden. 

How would that make you feel? What would you do?

When I was a kid in England, my walk to school went past several neighborhoods with old established gardens. A couple of those gardens had Garden Gnomes. I remember one particular garden who’s gnomes were doing all sorts of interesting activities, and were actually hard to spot. I would stand at the gate, looking in to see how many I could find, and smile and laugh at their shenanigans.

This is a global experience. The perception, and the recreation of these magical beings and their habitats, brings something into our lives that is unique, life giving, inspiring and amazing is common to all cultures in the world.

Let’s do more of that. Let’s allow that magical energy to infuse our lives even if for a day. Post a photo of a fairy garden you have created or found in a store or in the woods at our Telegram channel. Let’s bring some magic back into our daily lives.


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