Three Wishes Granted

This is an exercise designed to break through the fog of disconnection that disempowers an individual from their core energy. 

It is an exercise that I gave my students at and a few weeks ago, in order to bring maturity into our exploration of reality co-creation.

We have all seen the movies, read the stories and seen the way in which wishes coming true can have detrimental and destructive consequences to our lives. And in all these movies, at least all the ones I have watched, the wishes are granted by an external being.

These stories give the person’s power away to an external deity, or Jinn, or Fairy Godmother, or… you can add the external source here. And they are usually temporary or come with a hefty price. Plus many of those entities seem to want to trick the person in some way or another, or place very strict rules around the time the wish is granted.

For this exercise, however, you are to grant yourself three wishes, no trick, no messing about, no price to pay. Now that you know the rules, what do those wishes look like?

Often, when I play this game with others, the wishes go something like this:

“A billion dollars, a beautiful spouse, a massive mansion.” Alternatively, some say things such as, “world peace, no more sickness in the world, world enlightenment.”

Then, I say, “OK, grant yourself those wishes,” and the person looks at me in puzzlement. You see, they inherently know that they cannot do it because (add a reason here). They unconsciously thought some other entity was granting the wishes. It could be God, the Universe, Divine Consciousness, Gaia, the High-Frequency Human Collective, Inelia Benz… yeah me, or some other being they think is more powerful than them.

Mostly, the reason that the wishes are so grand is that if the person was to give their power away, in other words expect some other entity to give them the wishes, these grand things are possible and unlimited. But if they were to grant the wishes to themselves, then the outcomes become limited and those grand things become impossible.

And this is the dynamic I want you to come to terms with. Above, the first list has been achieved by countless people around the world. So we could very well say it is possible for you to achieve them. The second list is so self-absorbed that no one has achieved it.

Why is the second list the self-absorbed one? It seems to be altruistic and selfless, right? It is self-absorbed because it demands that an entire planet of people change their own free will and personal choices in order to fit into one person’s wish list. Not only impossible due to the free will law we have in this Universe, but also limited in scope and vision.

Let’s go back to the first list, the one where the person wants to have billions of dollars, a beautiful spouse and a massive mansion.

This list is based not so much in reality but countless movies and stories the person grew up with. This is what the ultimate “Win” as a person in a Western country looks like. It is no less impossible than the second list, and made out a sense that “if I could grant myself three wishes, these would be them,” rather than, “I am granting myself  three wishes”.

“Oh, you mean I should grant myself three wishes that I can actually achieve?” The person will eventually realize.


“I want a raise at work, dissolve my programs around not being worthy of a beautiful spouse, and find a perfect three bedroom home in the mountains.”

“OK, grant yourself those three wishes.”

“OK. I’ll get to work on those.”

“Just do it, grant them.”


And a further, lengthy conversation ensues as to why they cannot grant themselves the three wishes they decided upon. Until eventually they get to the point of realization that wishes have to fit within a timeframe and storyline that is believable to them and their co-creators. When that happens, their programs of limitation make sense, and can be kept or released at will. 

Have I seen people create their ultimate wishes come true? Yes, but I haven’t yet seen someone instantly grant themselves three wishes that very second. These things need to be orchestrated with their co-creators (the Universe) for at least a few minutes. 

The aim of this exercise is to step further into what you came here to do, experience and create, rather than spending your life expecting others to give you stuff and grant your wishes. That is why you are reading this, because you are ready to grant your wishes. 

When we remove the external deity, we are left with ourselves, good counsel and magnificent allies.

Run your ideas with at least five people you choose that you can trust to support your highest frequency life. Organize a study group, run through the items and get co-creating.

I expect to see a lot of stepping into adulthood around here 🙂


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