Gaia – apocalypse – 2012

I recently heard a person say that Gaia doesn’t give a shit about us humans. That Gaia will continue to exist whether we are here or not. That it will transform regardless of whether that transformation will support human life or not.

Well, Gaia is an integral part of you as a human being. It is as much a part of you as your body is. Therefore Gaia transforming to become something different inevitably means that it is you who is transforming to become something different.

I was at a meeting of highly evolved and enlightened individuals and at one point a lot of fear was expressed with regard 2012 and what is going to happen then.

The feeling was that there is going to be a tremendous change, one that is already being felt by the collapse of the financial system and extreme weather conditions throughout the world.

The fear expressed in the meeting was in the inability to survive, being burnt alive, lack of food for our children and much more.

Fear is the biggest stumbling block to ascension.

The truth of the matter is that those experiences have been happening on earth for thousands of years. Persons have been unable to survive here due to hunger, have died in the most horrific ways, have lost their children to starvation and more.

So what is the difference? Loss is loss, no matter if it happens to you or a person in the next continent. Chances are you have experienced loss in this lifetime as well as many other lifetimes. It is no big deal. You will not cease to exist.

The change will be experienced by each person differently. Some will in fact see no change what so ever because they are not ready for it. Other will be burned alive because that is the experience they need to have. Others will transform into different physical beings, a change in DNA which will allow them to exist in a wider range of vibrational experience, having the physical body being a minor or non existent part of themselves.

Earth, Gaia, will change too, into whatever it is that you want it to. A heavenly paradise, a post apocalyptic adventure, a continuation of what it is today… there is no limit. There is no judgment.

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