What is Ascension and What is Oneness

Ascension: movement in an upward direction. But unlike a movement up in a hierarchical sense, it is much more like one of two musical notes, one with a higher pitch than the other. Neither note is superior in any way to the other. They simply sound different.

Oneness: The state on non division. Perception of reality as one consciousness, one Being.

This website is mostly concerned with Ascending into a state of Oneness. That place where Divine is All that there is. Experiencing life in this state is one of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness.

But are we all interested in this goal? No.

Therefore, reaching our personal state of ascension is when we stop moving “upward” in the vibrational scale because we have reached a place where we are happy, content and want to stay in for the next day, life, million years or forever. Is the state reached “Oneness”? Not necessarily. Is it a lesser state? No. There are no hierarchies in Oneness, that would be a contradiction in terms. And, the truth is that each one of us is already in Oneness. We just can’t perceive it, or have a life from that viewpoint automatically when we enter Earth.

We are here to play games, to have experiences and to BE in Present Time.

Ascension, then, means that a person moves from depression to a place of contentment. From enlightenment to a place of Oneness. From contentment to utter happiness. Is one superior to the other? No.

Why bother with ascension? Because we chose to. As the person ascends to higher vibrational awareness, their ability to do (power) increases. The game becomes more interesting.

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