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What on earth is WWMN? Well… let me tell you. WWMN stands for Walk With Me Now, our private and personal empowerment platform. It was born from hearing the strong call for joining and connecting with other individuals who carry a high frequency vibrational core essence and an empowerment intent for themselves and for our planet.

There are a lot of classes, courses, articles, exercises, videos, interviews, books, tools, and tips at, but there was no reliable way to reach me or the many others who are studying and using them. So, in 2014, the Team and I decided to launch an empowerment platform where we can hang out and explore and expand on my material and the universe too. Where we can also explore other teachers, gurus, guides, writers and speakers and their material. We then observed and explored who we wanted to hang out with in that wonderful space. We decided that it is individuals who are passionate, dedicated and inspired about their own and humanity’s ascension and empowerment.

Well, that’s exactly what we got! I have to tell you that the level of dedication, power, awareness and skills is super high at WWMN. Most of the members have decades of spiritual and empowerment work under their belts. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, and capacity and ability to look deeply into the topics that are brought up is mind blowing.

However, if you feel a bit shy about entering the platform because of my description above, know that your level of engagement is chosen by you. There are no requirements to get involved in the forum discussions, weekly exercises, monthly live webinar, studying of classes and courses or reading of material. You can simply join and watch, observe, and explore the material that’s there for as long as you want. Our library has hundreds of items to download. Or you can jump right in and join in the discourse. Members come and go as they please. Personal discernment is key.


For years now, many people on the planet have been bridging the old and new paradigms. They have been walking with one foot on each side of the paradigm divide. This was necessary in order to keep the door open for those who had not yet decided which way to go.

Well, that is no longer necessary. We can now step fully into the embodiment and creation of the New Paradigm. Yup, you heard it here first.  We can experience the New Paradigm now.

This shift in energy is reflected on our new WWMN About Page.  Check it out to see if it’s a good fit for you.

My day starts with deep joy in the fact that I will be meeting so many amazing, empowered, empowering, and inspiring individuals at WWMN. So guess what’s the first thing I do when I wake up?

OK, yes, I do yawn, stretch and drink some water. I sit or lie down in silence, then… I log into the platform. GUARANTEED a magnificent start to my day. Now that I am no longer in the public arena circuit, I can spend my time doing the things that I love. Things like writing my novels, recording meditations and recording classes, making YouTube videos and YES, hanging out and having deep and expansive conversations with the individuals who are not just ready, but are already dedicated and active in embodying the new paradigm. If that’s you, then you know where to find me.

One thing has been a constant in my many years of teaching and public speaking. And that is that I am honest and transparent. No pretenses and no fluff. What you see is what you get. The same is true about WWMN and my feelings about it. If you like what you see, join me today, click here to register.

What others are saying:

“Walk with me Now is the manifestation of a long held dream.  A place where I can both contribute my energy, my time, my support towards the illumination and exploration of all that fascinate me, And, share space with many individuals who are in turn, also fascinating, interesting, insightful, and able.  Refreshing.  Enlivening.  Beautiful to experience life this way.” Larry

“For me WWMN platform is THE place to BE :). With so many amazing individuals at one place that are dedicated to self empowerment, raising vibration, expansion of consciousness, support, love-light-joy and making the fantasy reachable, the impossible absolutely practical and fairy tales part of real life.

This is where I feel I belong as mysticism is just the same as having a cup of tea, meditation is considered a daily routine and holding intent together is very clear to be much more than the sum of the parts…

I find my world had expanded immensely thanks to all the exercises, live calls with Inelia and continuous sharing with friends from all over the world.

THANK YOU INELIA and TEAM for this opportunity 🙂 <3 THANK YOU dear co-creating friends for being in this together. <3 “ Elena

“If you search for water in the desert find an oasis. If you search for personal power on this planet find“ Julian


WWMN is a place where I feel my personal growth accelerates. My mind structures brakes to allow myself to new and more expanded realities. The weekly exercises are simply, doable and have a great impact in my daily life. I relate to amazing loving/powerful people who are working on themselves from all around the world. We get to co-create, grow together and support a space of no-judgment for our doubts, expression and even personal support. In my experience WWMN has the most advanced spiritual, mystical, reality and potentiality discussions I have ever come across so far. Thank you!” Javi


When you join, you have access to the entire platform, there are no tiers, levels or restricted access to any material, discussion or area. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. Ready to check it out? Get started today.


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