Let’s Pretend – Fear Free Life…

By pretending, we initiate a possible outcome in real life.  Children do this naturally, and animals do to when they play. They pretend doing what they will need to do, or want to learn how to do, when they grow up.

By pretending, we put our hands into the field of infinite possibility that is the space between thoughts, and the area between particles in every atom.  We bring forth something that did not exist in our minds before.  By pretending, we give ourselves permission to bypass “what is real”, “what is possible”, and “what is doable”, and simply allow it to exist in our imagination, in our writing, in our drawings, in our games and in our conversations.

Imagine, pretend, write or draw, about a life without fear. YOUR life. What would it look like? What would you do?

I was looking at this myself, and the first thing that came to mind was, I would “look more”.  I love looking, I love observing.  Having to be a public voice to raising consciousness, empowerment and awareness on the planet is a busy schedule, and simply looking has moved to the back of the list.  But, as I indulged in my pretend game of NO FEAR in the world, my job of raising consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet was done. I was simply left with Observing. Looking. Exploring. And that was a fascinating thing in and of itself.

When in January 2010 I was asked to go public, I had no idea why. Or even why me.  It occurred to me that the people that had come in to do that job had been somehow taken out of the game and I was their tenth backup plan. The reason I thought this is because I am an extremely private person, and prefer to see and observe, rather than be seen or observed.  Particularly as Inelia Benz is irrelevant and really does not exist. Nothing to see here.

And this week, as I was playing pretend with NO FEAR in my life, I saw that that was the whole point for having me become public.  It was because not only did I have no attention on being seen because it didn’t cause any drive in me, or fulfill any desire or need, and yes it had a dissonant energy in that up to now being public was about the “I, me and myself” paradigm, and I didn’t have any of those, but also because I loved to be the observer.

As we move away from the Savior/Aggressor/Victim/Martyr paradigm, the need for saviors and guides, or deities as focus of our attention, is no longer necessary.  All the information we could ever need, is already available. And if it’s not available right away, many people are working to make it available.  If someone really wants to find something out, they can.  The time of a guru or yogi “giving” enlightenment experience to others is no longer useful.  What we are left with, is remembrance and multiple viewpoints.  The more viewpoints, different viewpoints, looking at the same subject, the more we can access about that subject.

What the new role of those who in the past may have started groups, religions and followings, is to simply inspire an audience to look at what the speaker is seeing, looking at, exploring, and not themselves – the speaker.  The person in the audience can come and go at will, listen to and explore new seeings with different speakers at will, and when all is seen, and he or she can access new seeing, start speaking and expressing those seeings so others can experience that new point of view too. In this new structure the speaker becomes irrelevant.

And from pretending a world without fear what resulted was a realization that WE CAN START NOW. By two or more people looking in the same direction, pretending the same thing, or intending the same intention, we bring a level of “agreement” into the reality construct we call the physical universe.

One of the “laws” of physical reality, is that it exist through agreement. Agreement comes in packages, programs, cultural beliefs, social media, religions and all sorts of other things.

At the moment, our reality is filled with fear.  Fear is everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. However, it is just a “point of view”. An energetic expression of attachments, survival, and avoidance.  Some individuals believe that “fear is necessary for survival”.  Others think it’s ok to feel it but do stuff anyway, and yes, this is a way to start dissolving fear, because we realize that the sky did not fall down when we did what we were afraid to, but this method can be long and arduous, and can backfire. Others try to suppress it, or push it away, or hide from it in a bubble of light.   But by pushing it away, we make it stronger. So we process it. And that works really, really well at an individual level.  The more fear that is resolved through processing it, the higher our own vibration becomes and the more expansive our awareness becomes.

And now by pretending our life without fear, and then a world without fear, we can bring a new paradigm possibility into the human collective consciousness.

So that’s how my life looked like, and this is what I have decided to do different: I have decided to start looking now and not wait until we are finished with our job on the planet.  I want to look, and I invite you to look where I am looking simply because it is fascinating and the more of us that look the more we get to uncover, discover and remember.

For this month, let’s  spend some time, even if a few seconds, looking at the “reality” of having fear free personal life and planet.

Get a pen and paper and express what YOUR life looks like FEAR FREE.

What say you?

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