New Book: Weekly Empowerment Workbook

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We are at a time of transformation.The world is shifting and changing every day. We know about manifestation and about creating our reality. We know that to reach our goals and achieve our dreams we need consistency and inspiration.

I just finished creating a book to give you simple yet powerful weekly kits for you to achieve the consistency and inspiration you need to make successful daily choices through the expansion of your awareness. A state of awareness than overcomes the unconscious social and personal programming that was designed to make you fail.

I have been putting together, and personally practicing, these weekly self-work kits for the members at Walk With Me Now. Due to the outstanding results achieved with them, I decided to bring them to you in this easy to use format.

Why you should get this book

– it keeps you on track in today’s highly distracting world.

– the exercises are very simple and inspiring – you’ll discover and grow into parts of yourself that have so far remained hidden to you.

– very easy to follow – you can either do the exercises in the order they have been presented or choose randomly each week.

– it is tested – this is a selection of the exercises with actual results that we’ve used and tested at WalkWithMeNow.

– it is empowering – If you’ve been reading my work or listened to my interviews you’ll know that I am all about your personal empowerment. This is no exception.

– moving from unconscious to conscious manifestation is key – playing with the material in this book will help you with this.

– you’ll develop or amplify skills that will serve you well in your “everyday life”.

– and you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the experience we are having on this Planet much more, right now Get your copy today or check out the preview.

In JoyLightLove,

  – Inelia and the team.

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