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Now ready for download 😀

This class is one to get if you are interested in learning the knots and bolts of Remote Viewing, interested in learning how to develop this skill, and also  about alternative Remote Viewing methods used around the world which are not broadly advertised to the public.

It was a lot of fun to record! Here are the details: Remove Viewing

Remote Viewing: Beyond Ordinary Perception

Are you watching others? Are others watching you?

Normally we perceive the world through our interpretation of the information that comes to us through our five senses. What if we didn’t have to be physically present in a location to read the energies there? This way of perceiving information, above and beyond the use of the five senses, can be called Remote Viewing.

Inelia will describe in detail what Remote Viewing is, and how it can be cleverly used as a mystical tool. All individuals have access to these abilities; we just need to know where to look!

This MP3 goes into the knots and bolts of Remote Viewing, and includes skill development exercises.


Inelia Benz

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