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Do you trust me?

Do you trusts me? - Inelia Benz

The other day I got a newsletter from my pet food supplier saying, “Trust me when I say…”. That was the title of the email. I didn’t like that title. I don’t know this guy and anyway, does he even write his own newsletters? And from all the other newsletters I get from him, I … Read the full article

Are your pets going nuts?

Are Your Pets Going Nuts? - Inelia Benz

Last week something happened that was upsetting. There is nothing wrong with that as I often get upset, but this time the level of upset was out of the ordinary for me. I wondered, what just happened? Why am I reacting this way? Then, during the night, my pet dog PB was extremely unsettled. She … Read the full article

ETs the Moon and us

On the podcast of the 14th of March 2022, Larry and I discussed the “moon” equation at length. What is it? Where did it come from? What’s it for? Who’s on it, if anyone? Have we ever visited it (humans on Earth)?  A lot of people are still surprised by a person telling them that … Read the full article

Holiday Season and the Split

Every end of the year, I send out the following article to all my students and readers: Dealing with Friends and Family during the Holiday Season. This year, I decided we really need an extended message. So, after you read that article, I would invite you to read this one 🙂 We are in November … Read the full article

I’m so done with this.

Have you been feeling the same? Are you DONE with this bs? Or maybe you are feeling you are done with a particular relationship, or your job, or the place you live at, or the Government, or… or… or…  Well, no surprise there, huh?  But, actually, there is a surprise to this feeling. And the … Read the full article