Solstice Coupon Enclosed…

Dear Visitor,

I love the Holiday Season.

I’m not a religious person, and in fact I don’t follow any religious dogma. What I love about this season is the huge energetic opening at Summer/Winter Solstice, the way in which many cultures around the planet celebrate this time as Sacred, and also the giving and receiving of gifts.

I find the giving and receiving of gifts to be a celebration of the other person’s existance. A validation of their being on the planet and of us wanting them on the planet.

Yes, Christmas has been overly commercialized and nowadays we rarely get home made, especially crafted gifts to give each other.  At the same time, it is an opportunity to support small, local businesses, charities and be open to give and receive much abundance and material welbeing.

My upbrining was very harsh, and for most of my childhood, adolecense and early adulthood, there was no celebration of my existence on the planet.  There were no presents or celebration of existance.

That is why now, as an empowered adult, I am a bit “gift obsessed”. I LOVE to receive gifts, and also LOVE giving them.

That’s why this year the Ascension101 Team and I have decided to give you, as a subscriber, a massive gift discount for you to use on the “Rules of Engagement Talks” throughout the Solstice month.

Coupon code: HNY2014
(this can be used on the final checkout page and it is available only this December)

Because we are going thourgh a powerful Shift right now, understanding how the Old Paradigm functions, and how the New Paradigm differs, is pretty much key to anyone who is working on their personal empowerment.

Be joylightlove this season and forever more.

From us to you,

Inelia Benz, Ilie Pandia and Daniela Benz (the Ascension101 Team), and all our translators and volunteers.

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