Touched by an angel :)

Archangel Gabriel: “This is such a beautiful spot!”

Inelia: “Yeah, we come here all the time. Come sit next to me. I brought snacks and water. Actually, now that I think of it, you probably don’t need food or water right?”

G: “While embodying a human form, I can need it. In my estimation, the ingestion of food is a form of communication with other humans as well as with the environment.”

I: “Yes, I was coming to the same conclusion about food. Although I don’t really get the ‘ingesting of other lifeforms to stay alive’ part, which seems to be a pretty common theme among Earth species. I would like to talk about it more, but not today.”

Gabriel smiled as he sat on the rock next to mine, digging into the snacks. I got comfortable with my notepad and pen, and switched on the recorder.

I: “I actually have so many questions for you, I don’t know which one to ask next!”

G: “I have a few questions too.”

I: “OK, maybe we can take turns. I’ll ask a few, then you can ask a few.”

G: “Sounds good to me.”

I: “You said last night, well, in the early morning, that Michael got teased after the incident that happened when I was a kid. I find it difficult to imagine that a species as advanced as yours can tease each other about things. Can you expand on what happened?”

G: “Oh, that’s a simple one. To use your own words, it appears you are projecting way too much superiority on my species. Or a strange kind of authority, that perhaps because our awareness covers a larger spectrum of reality than yours does, we are somehow without humor and do not make mistakes.”

I: “Yes, I guess you are right on the money on that one. It’s difficult for me not to project authority onto you because you are so much more aware of things than I am or anyone else that I have met is. And yes, I suppose I also see the teasing of a person as something that’s not particularly positive, so you could not possibly do it to one of your own.”

G: “Michael got teased because he unknowingly took you with him. He is extremely able within our own species, so to make such a basic error was highly unusual. For quite a while we would jokingly make him check himself to make sure he didn’t have any passengers from distant realities and universes with him. In a way, we all strive for perfection and are very confident in our capacities and abilities. And perhaps teasing is a way to humorously ensure that we stay on the path of attaining perfection. But, at the same time, it was very funny.”

Somehow the image of an angel of Michael’s size and stature being teased by other angels was actually super funny to me too and I couldn’t help laughing out loud. Gabriel nodded and smiled in agreement, knowing he’d gotten the message across.

I: “Gabriel?”

G: “Yes?”

I: “Since we’ve been meeting, I’ve been feeling things much more strongly. I mean emotions. Sometimes it’s almost too much. And the emotions feel very physical too, they burn, or make me feel cold, and other physical things that I don’t quite understand. I have to admit that today I toyed with the idea of shelving this book. Not meeting you, and simply forgetting the whole thing. Do you have any idea of why the emotions are so much stronger?”

Gabriel looked at me intently for what seemed to be an eternity.

G: “When you were a child this didn’t happen to you?”

I: “No, it most certainly did not. I don’t think I would have even considered interviewing you if that had been the case.”

G: “Well, it did happen to me then, and it is happening to me now too. I am finding that the intensity, or volume, of emotions are quite overpowering and difficult to contain. I haven’t thought of ending our discussion though. But the emotional wave is certainly something I have to prepare myself for and I brace myself in anticipation of it happening each time. It also doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.”

I: “No, it’s not getting easier.”

We sat there silently for quite a while. Waves of intense emotion would come and go, almost like the waves in the sea. It felt like simply sitting and letting them flow was the right thing to do. The less resistance I felt toward them, the faster and more intense they became. At the same time, I felt my ‘wings’ stretch out, they were bigger this time, and the feathers were a lighter gray color. I looked over at Gabriel and saw that he was looking at them.

G: “Yes, I see them.”

When he said that, I don’t know why but I burst into tears. I was crying at something that wasn’t mine, but it felt inconsolable. Then I understood. Just like the birds in our first interview, in order to understand and convey what Angels were about, I was becoming one. I knew it was going to be as temporary as becoming a flock of birds was, but that didn’t make it any easier on me or my physical, mental or emotional bodies. Somehow, the becoming of other species on the planet, such as trees, plants, fish, birds, or whatever creature was here, was much easier and didn’t have such a dramatic effect on my emotional or mental body as becoming an angel was having. After calming down, I explained my seeing to Gabriel. He nodded and held my hand in his and we were no longer on the planet…

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