Using Dreams for Ascension

Ascension work is all about moving from a lower vibrational level to a higher, more empowered and much more pleasant one.  The ultimate aim is to live in a state of Oneness, and experience our Masterhood while in this physical body and this individual identity.

We do this with very simple steps.

One of the steps is to cleanse our spiritual, or energy, body, physical body, mental body, emotional body and ego body, of negative energy.  The negative energy that is stuck in these bodies is in the form of memories, programming, patters (or karma), emotions, thoughts and memories.

Our life gives us situations, event and people that will bring the negativity to the surface, at which point we can release it. But this is really very hard on us.

This is the hard road.

An easier path is to work with our dreams.  Our higher self has a great way to give us the opportunity to release old stuck energy by giving us dreams that will bring up the emotions and other expressions of negative energy to be released.  We call them nightmares.  A recurring nightmare will be something we need to release as soon as possible.

In order to release it, and not have it express in our daily life, is, when the dream becomes upsetting and we wake up, instead of engaging in the negativity, we simply say “this is coming up to be released” and we let the negative thought, emotion, feeling or physical body manifestation, flow, grow and allow it to leave our field.

There is no need to analyze the dream.  The content is not important.  It is the feelings, emotions, thoughts and even physical effects that need to be allowed to express energetically inside of us and released.  We don’t engage or wallow in the negativity, we simply let it express energetically.

If you don’t remember your dreams you can still work with this.  You will wake up feeling a certain way, if it is in any way negative, do the same exercise.

And on a positive note, when we dream a new state of positive existence, when we wake up, we wallow in it, bask in it and remember how it feels.  Make it part of our present vibrational signature.  Write it down so we can recall how it feels as often as we can.

For a full and effective tutorial on how to release negativity from our bodies go to the Spiritual Ascension Course.

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