What are spiritual predators?

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When you begin your spiritual journey and as you progress on it, there will be times when you will feel alone, longing for acceptance, for guidance, for validation and for a group of likeminded people with whom you can discuss things that are relevant and important for you.

These can be great opportunities to get and offer support and assistance, but they can also create openings for what I have called “Spiritual Predators”.

Spiritual Predators can be people, groups or organizations who take advantage of other people’s searches and exploration of consciousness or soul related matters. Instead of being empowering and pointing back at yourself, or giving you tools that you can use on your own, their teachings tend to create a need for them in your life. They will become the “intermediary” between you and your Higher self, or you and the life you want to create.

They will present themselves as the ultimate authority on truth and the gate keepers of the one and only true path.

Or they will show up as “saviours” which in turn will keep you stuck as a “victim” (in need of their saving).

And this of course brings me to another important aspect. Even if you have been on the spiritual path for a while, it is always a good idea to check if you unconsciously become a predator yourself or inadvertently let a predator into your life.

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Here is the information: Spiritual Predators

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