What controls your manifestations?

Dear Visitor,
I have just published the latest MP3. I consider it to be problably the most significant and empowering recording that I have created in my life. And I highly recommend you listen to it.
To make this as accesible as possible, for two weeks we have an automatic 50% discount for this MP3 (What Controls Your Manifestations) and for the related Journey Into Manifestation MP3. And I am also ecouraging you to share your copy with friends that may be interested.
The important thing to realize is that we are manifesting all the time, moment to moment, but we are not aware of it. We use very powerful tools in an unconscious way on their default settings. We have the ability to change that by first becoming conscious of what we are creating now and then by making a conscious choice of what we actually want to create.
In this recording I will show you how to deal with guilt, with fear of power and other limiting programs and I will give some examples to help you realize how this knowing (that you are manifesting all the time) is actually very empowering and freeing.
It's also my intention to have this reach a million people or better. So let's make this go viral! 🙂
In joy/light/love,
  – Inelia

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