Who can start Ascension

Unlike previous times in linear history, our time, the NOW, you are experiencing is a time of huge high vibrational energy. This means that anyone who wants to can start their Ascension right now, right here.  No need for gurus, masters, initiation by a third party, going to a mountain top, entering a religious order or anything else.  It is accessible to all of us right now, right here.

Become AWARE of now.

Detoxify your body (so it is a nicer and easier journey).

Quiet your mind, MEDITATE at least 2 hours a day.

Read and inform yourself on Ascension and self help, self awareness.

That is all you need.

If you want a leg up, then do the Ascension Course, rocket fuel ascension exercises and information.

We did our work, now please do yours and share it :). Here's some easy links to share with:

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