What is the difference between an Ascended person and a Healer

It is true that when we are around an Ascended Master, we do indeed heal.  Does this make all ascended masters into healer?  Not really. Their higher vibration will activate our natural healing abilities, this doesn’t make them healers. A healer has dedicated their life to heal and knows the ins and outs of healing in their particular module.

An ascended person can serve any purpose on Earth, including that of a healer.  Healers, however, are not necessarily ascended or in their ascension path.

There isn’t really a profession that is the sole activity of an Ascended Master. Once a person reaches a level of awareness where they want to stay, they can do anything they want with their lives.  Sometimes the fact that they can do anything becomes a problem, they can do so much they don’t dedicate enough time to one thing so their energy becomes dispersed.

It is important, if you are on your path of ascension, to decide on one activity and dedicate your life to it. Otherwise you will get bored.

Healing is indeed a very honorable profession.  For as long as we are on Earth, will will get sick at one point and having a healer around is very necessary.

We, however, also need computer programmers, cleaners, cooks, engineers, mothers, fathers, gardeners, artists, farmers, and much, much more.

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