A Journey There and Back Again

Larry and I have had the most interesting week of synchronicities. It culminated with a trip to Renton, WA, which is about 5 hours from us.

What’s in Renton? Well, organically grown and very well loved fruit trees.

Some days earlier, we had been planning on getting fruit trees for our house on the hill. We tried to locate local sources of strong organically grown non-GMO trees, but we didn’t have much success.

We decided to look for trees on facebook marketplace and craigslist. Larry is very good at that, and soon he had found a seller 5 hours away who seemed to be a great fit for what we wanted.  He says he searches by feel, within an area he feels comfortable driving.  

The husband and wife team have some land where they grow the trees, then they bring them to their small yard in the city and sell them there where she homeschools her young children. She is very diligent that the trees she grows are happy and successful in our climate and area for a few years before reproducing them. Her husband is a trained horticulturist, with a passion for bonsai.  We were most interested in getting a cherry tree for sure, since I enjoy cherries so much and the trees we currently have produce only one or two cherries a year. But we also had plums, persimmons, and fig trees on our list.

The day before I started thinking about goats. Specifically, Daniela (my daughter) getting goats for her land so they can eat the poison oak that grows there. I thought about goats, and what type, for hours. I didn’t mention it to her, thinking it would be a conversation to have in the future, perhaps. But in my thoughts, dwarf goats would be a perfect addition to the homestead. 

On the day of the trip, Larry prepared a nice food basket for our trip, with sandwiches, drinks, fruits and snacks, and we set off at 8am in the morning.

On the way there we listened to podcasts. We randomly chose some without much thought or planning on what we wanted to listen to.  Generally we have favorites, this time, however, we looked for synchronicities to guide our listening choices.

First was a four hour long podcast which Larrry had already finished 3 hrs of.  It was about a helicopter pilot in 160th SOAR. As we listened to his stories and giggled as he used the words “Near Death Experience” or “NDE’, to depict times where by all accounts he should have died but by some miracle he did not. We giggled because in our last podcast we used this term to describe one of my experiences. Of course, this is not what these words mean, but it was interesting to have another person use them that way.

His story was also filled with massive orchestrations that saved him and the other people on his aircrafts. It was an interesting podcast but it totally saturated me with war stories and by the end of it I was very much “done”.

A few days earlier, we had Decoding the Matrix as our monthly class in focus. In that class, there is a story of me on a hike with a friend of mine where I notice that although we are in a forest, there are no bird sounds, or birds, anywhere to be seen or heard. I turned to my friend and said, “there’s a glitch in the matrix, they forgot the birds”. She stopped and looked around, shocked and surprised at the fact that there are no birds there. Suddenly, a bird comes flying towards us, super fast, like crazy fast, and smashes against the trees next to us. It then ruffles its feathers, stands on a branch and starts singing. 

OK. I thought, a bit too little and too late, but OK. We talked about it and laughed. After a few minutes, the forest was full of birds.

After we did our QnA at WalkWithMeNow.com, about the class, Larry pointed out that now, many of the podcasts we regularly listen to, and some new ones, had birds singing out loud, front and center of the podcast.  The next podcast we listened to on our drive had the word “all the things” in the title, which was a clue for Larry to listen as I decided to use this common sentence a lot in order to expand its use in the matrix.  It was pretty funny to find the podcaster had moved to Vilcabamba, a place I held an event at and was invited to move to some 14 years ago, and the podcast was chockablock full of songbirds throughout.  

We got to Renton and saw that the main tree we wanted, a cherry tree, had sold out of all the small and medium sized ones. She only had two large ones which cost the full budget we had brought with us, each. We were both disappointed because I love cherry trees, and cherries are one of my favorite fruits.  We were presented with a choice of one cherry tree, or 10 smaller mixed fruits trees. Larry told me how he had imagined how much I loved eating the one lonely cherry our present cherry tree gave us last year and really wanted to get me more of them.

We looked at the rest of the trees and examined each one for a long time. We ended up with two persimmons, two pears, two fig trees, two plum trees and two almond trees. 

The couple was super friendly and they were telling us what to do with the trees, when Larry spotted a table covered in bonsai trees. They were stunning, “honey, come over here and look at these bonsai!” he shouted, so I went over, looked at the table and spotted the most beautiful bonsai I had seen in my entire life. White bark, small little leaves, an amazing shape and the most stunning tiny little pink flowers covering its trunk and branches. I was in love.

“It’s a cherry tree, it actually produces the most amazing yummy cherries.” The lady said. “These are from my husband’s bonsai hobby. We need to find homes for some of them because we swapped our large greenhouse to a small one and we have no space. That cherry tree is 23 years old.”  

We expected it to be thousands of dollars, but it wasn’t.  He wanted money equivalent to his costs only, but most importantly, it had to go to a home he approved of, and the key word for him was we have a greenhouse.  The fact alone that we now have a greenhouse is itself another of those odd stories, a consequence of a “Yes honey” experiment that among other things resulted in a greenhouse on my upstairs deck, which clearly was a requirement for this beautiful cherry tree to join my life.

On our way home, we listened to a Joe Rogan podcast which I have to say was one of the most fascinating podcasts I have heard from him. He was interviewing a man who talked about all the things we talk about. Things like the Mandela Effect, NDEs, computer games, Simulation Theories of reality, and more.

This was interesting because we have been discussing ways and topics that can reach a broader audience. We do want to reach larger audiences in order to deliver the message of empowerment to them, but have been hitting a wall for many years now. During that last podcast, Joe sounded bored and disinterested. We found this to be a great data point because he is literally the representative of millions of people around the world. Larry and I were sure he was falling asleep during the interview.

We stopped at the hardware store for some ground soil for the trees, and some lumber for some work we are doing at home, then another store for a toaster and some CO2 canisters to make sparkly water. While there, I received a message from Daniela telling me that they were getting thousands of dollars worth of goats as a rescue operation in the area. Animal control had notified the owner (who was out of the country) that they would take the neglected herd the next day. The goats needed to be rehoused before animal control came for them. The goats are a dwarf variety!  Larry shouted, “Dibs on babies!!” I can imagine we have goats in our future.

We stopped regularly on our way home to check on the trees. They told us that this was the strongest wind storm they had experienced in their lives, and they would be so happy when things calmed down.  We told them soon we will be home sweet home, and they would get a big drink and a hug. 

It was close to 9pm by the time we got home. Brett (my son) and Larry unloaded the trees, watered them and explained to them that the trip was over. They were home.

That was our journey there and back again. 

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