And HERE is OUR response

If you are in, you know my latest update on what is going on on the planet, as we talked about it in detail on our March Monthly Live Call.

If you are not, then here is a summary:

March intensity has been felt in many ways. The intensity is not the same as “negativity”. However, those who are promoting negative experiences are working hard to make the intensity be felt in a negative way. We will fall for it if we are not diligent and knowledgeable. So, here are a few things that are being felt on the negative intensity spectrum:

  1. Random suicidal thoughts. “I’m done”, “I don’t want to experience this”, “I can’t handle this anymore”, “I am alone”.
  2. Fear mongering. More of the fear or mob attacks and vaccination threats.
  3. Our physical bodies become increasingly uncomfortable and upset due to EMF and other technology being used to lower their frequency.
  4. Sadness over our loved ones choosing low-frequency experiences.

On the positive side, here are a few things you are here to do to get securely on the high-frequency side of the split:

  1. I challenge you to actively raise your frequency for at least one hour a day from here on out. Next week I will be releasing a video the team and I are putting together to help you with this, but for this week, repeat the following sentence out loud and in a whisper: “All of my bodies and my soul are raising their frequency.”
  2. GET INTO SUPPORTIVE GROUPS. I cannot emphasise this enough. You must not stay alone during this time. Connect online or, if possible, physically with other people who are choosing the high-frequency paradigm. This is essential. You will not make it otherwise. The time of the lone wolf is truly over.
  3. Do the work! Process your fears, release the indulgence in low-frequency items, and step up. This is your time. This is why you were born on Earth at this time.

Other items we discussed at wwmn are the updates for the rest of the year.

  1. May is coming up as an important month for our progress in the split.
  2. How waves of deaths around the world are being managed. The present one is being scrubbed and hidden to keep people vaccinating.
  3. The next two will be more visible and will be “blamed” on something called Covid 21, and on ETs. Yup, the ET equation will very likely be used this year to create another wave of fear and oppression on the planet. Stay tuned!