Are you a lightworker? Then this message is for you.

I have a 14 year old son at school in California USA. Today, I received this very worrying email from the School District Superintendent:

“Part of the challenge of leading through a pandemic is dealing with the importance of what needs to be addressed now, while also keeping an eye on the future.  School ends in 21 distance learning days.  Summer School is unpredictable right now.  I have also shared the real possibility that 2020-2021 may be unique.  A major unknown is how we will be asked to address potential future outbreaks of the Coronavirus during the next school year.  A lot will have to do with the availability of testing, the types of testing, and the estimated timeline of 12-18 months until a vaccine could be developed.”

A couple of years ago, CA passed legislation that stated a child could only go to school if they were up to date in their vaccinations. All religious, ideological and even medical rights were removed from the equation and a policy of forced vaccinations in order to go to school was implemented.

Now, as has been mentioned by various people in the self-aware media, alternative media and even mass media, people are being “gently pushed” into accepting “the development of a vaccine in 12-18 months” to be NORMAL. When IT IS NOT.

It is vaccines that have brought about wave after wave of terrible consequences into our human collective. Waves of cancer, autism, allergies, asthma, parkinson’s… the list goes on and on … and on. This information is not even hidden from the general public.

If you don’t believe that vaccines have caused all these terrible diseases, then please unsubscribe from my newsletter (link at the end of the email). My job is not to convince you. My job is to brainstorm a way out of this massive mess we have done to our species WITH YOU, and to guide ALL OF US in becoming the leaders we were born to be at this time.

So, what to do about all this? One thing is to process our righteousness around it. And the other is literally to get off of our lightworker butts and really, day to day, embody the high-frequency self that we truly are.

NO indulging in the following anymore:  

  1. Fear (use the Fear Processing Exercise)  
  2. Blame (step out of the victim aggressor cycle already)  
  3. Righteousness (understand the DIFFERENCE between “being right” and “pushing your right onto someone else  and making them wrong in the process”  
  4. Guilt (read this wonderful article that explains it).  
  5. Lashing out in reaction rather than responding.  
  6. Looking outside of ourselves for solutions.  

  DO THIS:  

  1. Start those new social, educational and work systems. Don’t allow vaccinations and other social dictatorship tools to become “normal”.   
  2. Speak your truth!   
  3. Make yourself strong, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Don’t know how? Use the iBenz Method, or use someone else’s. Whatever you do, get STRONG.  
  4. Be RESPONSIVE, not reactive. When something triggers you, count to 10, take deep breaths. Then choose a response.  
  5. Send this email, copy paste it and share it with everyone you know. Don’t censor yourself or it.   
  6. Point out the “normal” is NOT normal.   
  7. Show your TRUE COLORS.   
  8. USE and SPREAD the sigil to remove the veil of forgetfulness.   
  9. BLAST and ACTIVATE LIGHT on Earth   

If I ask you, post this newsletter everyone you connect with, such as send it to your entire email contacts list, to your newsletters, social networks, all of your friends and relatives… how does that feel? Do you feel afraid? Cautious? Do you feel like there are people on those lists you don’t want to send it to?

Guess, what, if the fears are from sharing information that is too controversial or woo-woo, and you are afraid of the social consequences you will receive from sending it? Then process your fear, do the list above and start again.

If it is too much for me to ask you to do so, then, yup, unsubscribe from my list please. I pay for this emailing service and I want to focus on and work with the people who are already or are ready to shine bright and lead all of their people into a wonderful high-frequency experience on this planet.

It starts with you, it starts at home, and it starts with your people.

I’m doing it and you can too.

In other news, a lot more has happened this past week:  

In Joy/Light/Love,


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