Batten Down the Hatches


batten down the hatches

Fig. to prepare for difficult times. (From a nautical expression meaning, literally, to seal the hatches against the arrival of a storm.)

This week, and for the rest of September and October, I would like to let you know that it is time for you to prepare for a storm in the human collective on Earth. During this time, our physical, mental, emotional, energy and egoic bodies will be under constant bombardment from our low frequency co-creations and co-creators. By staying high-frequency and focused, we can experience this storm as just a glitch in the matrix. If we are properly prepared, we will experience it as heaven on Earth.

As you read that the bombardment comes from our low-frequency co-creations and co-creators, you may think, “but I am not a low frequency co-creator”, and this is true for as long as you embody the new paradigm and deal with low frequency items in your life as soon as they come up. But we are still holding two realities in place, through our conscious and subconscious connection to people who are low-frequency and choose to stay there.

There are many things you can do to weather the storm:

The first thing to understand is that the main distress is aimed at our physical bodies. Don’t forget that you are not just a soul, you also have a body within you. Please take at least the following steps to support all of your bodies in the coming months.

  1. Make ample use of the Fear Processing Exercise, help your body through the process.
  2. Read your Gaia Contract daily, to remind yourself of the connection with Gaia.
  3. Keep cross-contamination with low frequency engagements and people to a minimum.
  4. Support your physical body by creating an EMF shelter somewhere in your house or room. Even if it’s just a blanket you can cover yourself with when you don’t feel well.
  5. Connect, connect, connect… with other high frequency people and with Gaia.
  6. Download all the material you have acquired from my websites so you can access it even if the internet goes down, or my pages do.
  7. Have food supply for four weeks minimum, so that your body feels safe when it comes to access to food. You may never need it, but this is to support your physical body.
  8. If you haven’t already, start a window garden for vegetables.
  9. Connect with the Universal Human Ancestors and the High-Frequency human collective of Earth and beyond.

Know that “this too will pass”, and how we experience it is directly related to the energies we allow to grow in ourselves. If you only feed and allow positive energies to grow, your experience in the next few months will be positive. If you allow and feed some negative energies to grow, then it won’t be so pleasant. Know that people who only feed and allow negative energies to grow will be going through hell – there is nothing you can do to help them at this point. Their higher-self chose this, let them have it. Don’t fall for the savior or martyr energies.

You are NOT alone.

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