Connect to where you live.

When I was a young woman, I learned that the longer we live in a place, and particularly when we own property in that place, the more powerful we become.

We become more able to do, more able to manifest, more able to generate the reality we ‘imaginate’.

Relationships with others in that place become stronger. Our connection with them becomes stronger. Whether that connection is positive or negative is usually decided by our inner programming and social norms. My aim is that, by looking at this topic, that connection, or disconnection, can become something you are conscious and aware about. Something you can choose.

Later in my life, I learned that the Machi, the wisdom keepers and leaders of the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina, create such a powerful connection with the place where they live that it is said they cannot be away from it for more than six months, or they will die.

I learned about this in a news article about a Machi who had been arrested and was in jail. The defense attorney was trying to get him out of jail because his crime did not warrant a death sentence. I am not sure what happened with that Machi or the trial, but it illustrates how strong the link between the Machi and the land is. Of course, the Machi carries a job and a responsibility that most of us don’t. We are not going to die if we stay away from home for more than six months. Or even if we don’t have a home. But at an energetic level, things do happen.

As awake and aware individuals, one of our roles on Earth is to remember and recognize how reality works.There are some big questions we need to look at. Such as, what is the real link between ourselves and the land we own or occupy? And what if we move around a lot, like Gypsies, Travelers,  van-lifers, etc.. Also, what happens when we have been living somewhere a long, or short, time, and we sell it?

Most bodies don’t like change. Even positive change.  But some bodies do carry long and powerful lineages that move about a lot. However, the cultural and societal makeup of the lineages that move a lot is no longer supported by our modern societies.  The territory they owned in their way is now owned by many many others in a modern titled sanctioned way.

It used to be that migratory or nomadic people had large territories where they would move during the different seasons, and to keep the land fertile and animals well stocked. It wasn’t, you see, that they had nowhere to live so they had to move a lot, but that their territory was so vast that they had many locations to settle down from season to season, year to year. As that territory became fractured and settlers moved into them, creating towns and cities, the nomadic people were pushed to the fringes of their previous territory and even cut off from access entirely.

In the USA, for example, the Indigenous population were clustered onto reservations. These reservations are held as land in a trust for the population by the Federal Government (a private corporation). The land in the reservation was then split into parcels and each family was given a parcel, at least that was the idea. As each person moved into their parcel, which was still held in trust by the Federal government, their connection to the larger tribal territory was partially severed. But not entirely.

Where our connections are still intact, but we no longer have access or ownership of that location, it becomes a drain of our power, chi, ability to do. And when we divorce and disconnect ourselves from where we live, our power becomes depleted.

My family has a Gypsy lineage. From that lineage came the knowledge that no matter how long you will be in a location, say a night at a hotel or several decades in a house, there are various hacks you can carry out in order to stay filled with the ability to do. Stay powerful, healthy, settled and happy.

When we carry those hacks out, both when we arrive there as well as when we leave, which is a time when we pull our power and connections back, we stay integral.

One of these important hacks, for example, is to cleanse the property. This doesn’t just mean dusting and brushing it, although the way in which we do this can have radical effects in our lives, or simply have a dust and dirt free home. I have a video on how to do an energy cleanse you can watch. It is very basic but will have strong effects in your environment.

Land is also often bought without realizing that it has unsevered connections from previous owners and creatures, or a history that needs revealing. And just as often the person or family will work on the land without creating the powerful links that will support their power and capacity to manifest but see it as the end result of a manifestation journey instead.  While acquiring land can be the result of a manifestation journey, since it is land, this is only the beginning of the relationship, not the entirety.

We live in a co-created, orchestrated and continuously evolving reality. We came here, as souls, to connect with the physical Universe. Our connection with the land, homes and Earth itself, as well as with all the people in our lives, animals, plants and trees, the Oceans, the land masses, the sky, sun and stars, all those connections can be strong or can be weak. It is up to us to decide the nature of that connection. What I want you to see is that it is much more powerful to make or unmake those connections in a consciously aware state through choice and a clear vision of the experience that we want to have, instead of struggling through life as though we were swimming through molasses at a whim to the forces that impact us..

Let’s begin by knowing how deep and powerful a connection we can have with the physical Universe and why that’s important.

We came here to connect. Let’s make that connection strong, powerful, healthy, filled with light, and by conscious choice. And let’s disconnect in a conscious and healthy way from those energies that are no longer compatible.
Our connection to land and homes is explored further in our podcast, Driving To The Rez, and Larry and I will have a class that explores this subject from the perspective of buying and selling property.

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