Connection to our homes present and past

Larry and I were driving to the rez talking about the energy around our connections to the land and homes we own or rent. The conversation came about because the concept of buying or selling houses and land has a lot of attention and massive amounts of capital and chi involved. The energy and connections we develop, or fail to develop, when we own or live somewhere become apparent once the person knows what to look for.

There are various energies to look at when it comes to how and why we connect with the places we own or pay for. I will make a short list of the ones I feel are the most relevant for us to be aware of, so that our lives can take that extra step into expanding awareness and joy.

  1. We are a connective, connecting and connected species.
    This means that our natural state as human beings both at our physical body level and a soul level is that we naturally and continuously connect with our environment, other people, plants and beings.
    That connection can be very big, or very small, but it’s never absent.
  1. Solid objects, such as houses, land, and the items on them, and the things we own, as well as the beings already there, such as animals, insects and non-corporeal beings, become our “charges”. In other words, we become able to respond to them and for them.  We become responsible for them.
  1. When we purchase a property, even if we have a loan on it, the property becomes our responsibility. It will also start vibrating at our personal frequency. If we buy with others, the frequency will be like a harmony that includes all the people who purchased it and hold it together. When the purchase is through a lender, the energy of the lender is not in the land, unless the person fails to pay for the loan. At which point, the lender becomes the owner and their frequency takes over the property.
  1. When we rent a place, the same is true regarding frequencies, but only for the period we pay for the location. This is true whether it is a hotel room for a night, or a ten year lease on a house. The difference is that the place also carries the energy of the owners and we are bound by the contract and agreements of our habitation. It would be closer to the frequency of a group ownership. Depending on the freedom that the owner gives the tenant on their contract, the frequency can be larger or lesser from the tenant as compared to the owner.
  1. When we move out of the place, whether it is because we are selling it or our lease is over, we have to prepare energetically to pull our frequencies out of it, prepare the place for the next owner or tenant, and prepare ourselves for our next place.  The topic of what to do for the healthy and supportive buying and selling of property is going to be covered in a class in July 2023.
  1. As we become aware of the connection at a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and ethereal level, we are then more prepared to both connect with these places as well as to release connections we sometimes still have with previous places we’ve owned or lived at. Including those places we lived at as children.

A very simple and effective exercise you can do right away is to cleanse your present space. You can do that physically and also energetically. The video where I cleanse a hotel room with Daniela, is a great one for you to do for your new home, or anywhere you are renting for a day.  

Let me know how your connection to your home or room feels before and after the cleansing exercise.  You can share at our telegram channel, or our substack page this article appears on, or with SubscribeStar where you can also listen to the full podcast about this topic!


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