E.T Phone home

Dear Visitor,

If you want to meet an E.T. all you have to do is… look in the mirror 🙂

Our physical bodies are made out of Gaia, they are “of Earth”, but most souls are not from this planet, which means that the majority of our human collective is actually extra-terrestrial or ultra-dimensional (from other dimensions).

Because of this you may sometimes feel a pull towards understanding or finding our so called “true home”. You will have a sense of wanting to go home.

In the recording that I’ve prepared for you: “E.T. phone home” we are going to explore this in detail and make a “journey home”. Yes, we can do this now.

Phone home today!  <- 10% discount for 3 days.

(Note: This is a class that was formerly available at A.W.A.K.E.N Academy.)

In JoyLightLove,

  – Inelia and the team.

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