Wealth Lines – are yours clear? :)

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Why discuss the wealth lines?

Because currently they are our support system. We will evolve past the use of money but for now it’s what we have. It’s the easiest way for us to have energy exchange.

Perhaps not surprisingly so, the relationship we have with ourselves reflects in how much abundance we bring into our lives. Do you see yourself worthy? and deserving? Do you think you have to struggle? Or “earn a living”?

Do you use words like “dirty money” or “filthy rich”? Having a look at your communication around money can help you spot some of your limitations and once you become aware of them you will have a choice if to keep them or not.

In a class that I created for the “AWAKEN Academy” I cover in depth the information about wealth lines and how to better handle those. I give lots of examples from my personal life. (Do watch your field while I am telling the story at the race track… What comes up for you?).

Your wealth lines are both incoming and outgoing. Putting limits on your incomming lines may not serve you. You may think that “you can only get money by doing…[placeholder]”. And you therefore are closed off to all other possibilities. And the outgoing lines are just as important. I address the difference between debt and enslaving debt.

Another aspect is the hijacking of the energy exhange of using money. In the media, most rich people are shown to have lots of problems and suffering in their life. This of course does not mean that there are no happy, joyful rich people on the planet. You just don’t hear about them. So this is a program that is disempowering. Without having enough resources you lose your “ability to do”. If you have to struggle to make rent month to month it’s very hard to contribute to raising the awareness on this planet :).

Here is the call where I discuss all of this and more:

Clear your wealth lines

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– Inelia and the team.

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