ETs the Moon and us

On the podcast of the 14th of March 2022, Larry and I discussed the “moon” equation at length. What is it? Where did it come from? What’s it for? Who’s on it, if anyone? Have we ever visited it (humans on Earth)? 

A lot of people are still surprised by a person telling them that the moon landing and visits were fake. But this is something we need to start truthing, like now. 

Just looking at the data gives a lot of credibility to those claims. For example, today, in 2022, we still don’t have advanced enough computers and other tech to get us out of the Earth’s atmosphere, and back again safely. How is it possible, then, that technology from the 1950s and 60s got us deeply into space and landed us on the moon?

Data and images were arriving at the NASA launch room. Yes. But from where? Not the moon, or space.

OK, so there’s one aspect of what we are looking at today, and the reason why it’s important for us (even those of us who are not interested in the moon, or fake space travel), need to look at, is that we need to break through the false matrix, and we need to do it now.

Why do we need to do it, and why now?

You are here to embody the New-Paradigm. If you were not, you would not be reading these words. Now that we have that established, we need to realize that this is not something that “just happens” or that “will happen to us/me”. It is something we must actively “be”. We “ARE” the new-paradigm. 

In order for us to embody the new-paradigm, we need to remove a lot of limitations from our bodies, minds, emotional bodies, our egos and energy bodies. Lots and lots.

One of the limitations we need to remove is also the constricting, degrading and disempowering illusions of separation we absorb and accept from the low-frequency, power over others Earth human collective group. The way in which that group creates limitations, and the way we absorb them, is by shrinking our awareness through lies and deceit.  By removing ourselves from those lies and deceit, we expand our awareness. By expanding our awareness, we become conscious and able to accept, absorb and amplify truth. Our truth, the truth which is the basic reality of what being human is.  The truth that words such as “being humane” represent.

And to get to that level of awareness, the level of awareness that allows us to remove the limitations and teachings that keep us trapped in a false matrix, all we need to do is to break through the illusion of separation. 

We need to see through the illusion, the wall of lies, and into the true experience of living on Earth.

We need to decide if we want to step into the expanded awareness of who and what we are, and where we live.  And because we live in a co-creation, this is not a journey we can do in separation and in singularity.  Why can’t we do it alone? Because the journey is a we/us/ourselves equation.  Have a look and see if you still have resistances to explore certain experiences of life and knowings of reality with others. If you do, do the fear processing exercise on it, as well as the firewalls exercise. 

Why do I see this resistance as something which is fear based or limitation based? Because the New Paradigm is not about the singular, but the group. It is about our species. It is about our greater understanding of the Universe, our bringing in people and skills that support that understanding and that growth. And if a person insists on trying to figure it out alone, or that they can do it alone, they are simply not ready for this new horizon in our collective experience. 

What I am asking you to do is NOT to remove or delete your singular self. Nope. What I am asking you to do is to have a fabulous balance where the collective “us” and the singular “I” are both important and full and healthy.

Back to the Moon. 

Ask it. Ask the Moon, “what are you?” And be open to receive information from it. If you listened to the podcast, you will know there is a “hall of mirrors” surrounding the moon, so make sure you truth every single thing you see or experience there.

If your mindset is one of, “I can’t see anything, I don’t have that skill.” Then simply make something up. If there was something super interesting on the moon, what would it look like?

If you are on, I look forward to hearing your answers 🙂


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