I heard bad things about Inelia, why are those things being said about her?

Many people are offended or feel threatened by an alternative view of the world.  Everyone and anyone who has woken up or is actively raising their vibrational frequency has had resistances or attacks from family and friends.  As Inelia worked as a public speaker from 2010 until 2017, her message was seen and received by millions of people.  Some of these people are not happy about it, so they insult Inelia and her work. Some people are “riding her energy”, in other words, giving themselves importance by insulting a well known individual. Others (including some well known organizations) are simply trying to stop others from receiving information which will empower them, so they create pages and personas that will simply insult and attack anyone who is bringing empowerment information and energies into the planet.

When asked to defend herself, or prove herself as “real”, Inelia refuses to because she prefers to spend her energy and time with individuals who resonate deeply with her tools and messages, and feel they are simply being reminded of their inner knowings and wisdom.  The individuals who get the feeling of, “I knew that!” when listening to her work, or reading her articles or books.

In her opinion, the people who attack her are simply afraid, or feel that their reality, belief systems and what they know to be true is being threatened. The correct response to them is to simply nod and tell them they are right. Our reality is constructed inside our minds, therefore, whatever is in their minds is real to them and nothing that anyone says will change that. Plus they exist in such a low vibrational frequency that any high frequency information will be invisible to them. They will not be able to hear it so there’s no point trying to give it to them.

If you have suffered attacks and insults for waking up, or working actively to raise your frequency and the frequency of our species and world, this article might help:

In My Defence

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