I heard bad things about Inelia, why are those things being said about her?

Many people are offended or feel threatened by an alternative view of the world.  Everyone and anyone who has woken up or is actively raising their vibrational frequency has had resistances or attacks from family and friends.  As Inelia worked as a public speaker from 2010 until 2017, her message was seen and received by … Read more

Inelia Benz, who is she?

who is Inelia Benz

Many individuals were first introduced to Inelia by this interview in 2011: Up Close and Personal at our Empowerment Platform and Forum WalkWithMeNow There are a lot of classes, courses, articles, exercises, videos, interviews, books, tools and tips at IneliaBenz.com, but there was no reliable way to reach Inelia or the many others who are … Read more

Why does Inelia refer to herself as a “program” or “construct” and not a person?

In many articles and interviews, Inelia refers herself as a "singular construct" or a "program". We received various questions about that so here is her response: Basically, a "person" has a game to play, allocates importance to other beings, situations and such, needs "meaning" to live, has attachments, fears, and constructs that allow that person … Read more

The Basics of Ascension

As we accelerate into the new paradigm, there are various rules of existence we need to become fully aware of. One of them is how to consciously choose where we want to go from here at an individual level. There won’t be an outside force that will “choose us”, it is us, individually, who will … Read more

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the expansion of awareness. This expansion of awareness comes naturally when we process fear, as well as debilitating programs and firewalls,  and other low vibrations, from our lives. Why is it called Ascension?  Because our overall vibration becomes higher, and we are able to tap into and work within higher “dimensions”. Do we … Read more

Can I go into Oneness with the tools and information in this website?

The concept behind this website is to create all the tools and information you will need raise your vibrational frequency, and expand your awareness without someone giving you a personal session. How much you raise your frequency, or expand your awareness is a self-regulated path. We have had reports of individuals experiencing the state of … Read more

Do only Good people get to Ascend to Oneness?

No. It doesn't matter if you are "good", "bad", or "indifferent". Oneness is all inclusive. In fact, you cannot "reach" Oneness per-se. You and everything in existence is already Oneness. If you do the Ascension work necessary to reach Oneness, you will be able to experience awareness as Oneness. Other paths and other Sources have … Read more

Soul Purpose

The question, “what is your soul purpose?” is easy to answer, but difficult to hear. What all of us have as our soul purpose is to BE HERE, IN PRESENT TIME. And to expand our awareness to the highest level we can. This can be done most easily by quieting the mind at least once … Read more

What is Awakening

Inelia on Awakening

Awakening is the moment that you realized there was more to life than meets the eye. I am not here to convince you that there is more to life than the material world around you. You already know that.  I am here to share the process of awakening so that you can validate what you … Read more