Limitations, why do we create them

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This Ilie :).

I’ve just finished listening to Inelia’s talk about Limitations. I’ve been planning to do so for a couple of months, but always found ways to do something else :).

When I was first introduced to the idea of us being the creators of our reality, I had a big resistance around that, because I would have to accept that I had also created the limitations in my life, not only the “good stuff”.

At one point in the call Inelia asks “how does this limitation serve you?” and my reflex reaction was: it does not! I hate it and if I could I would remove it from my experience. But I already knew that I hold on to stuff (painful or not) because it served me in some way.

Some specific limitations have been addressed, but the one that was relevant for me had to do with romantic relationships. I’ve been unable (and sometimes unwilling) to create that experience, for quite some time now.

So I had to ask myself: how does this serve me? What does it stop me from doing?

The answer was pretty clear in my case. I used to get lost in a relationship. I would make “the other” the center of my Universe and I would give her complete power over my happiness. I would even pause or give up other personal projects that I was passionate about. I had all kinds of ideas of what a relationship should be, mostly from TV and teenager magazines :).

I have eventually learned that they were not always the most empowering ideas. Not for me, nor for the other.

So avoiding romantic relationships kept me away from repeating this drama over and over again. But perhaps most importantly, it created space and time in my life. I have had plenty of time alone to really look at myself. To understand how my beliefs and conditioning were shaping my experience and to choose whether I want to keep them or change them. I’ve also looked at relationships in general: at friendship, work and family relations, without having to deal with my tendency of getting “lost” in the other’s world. I also had to look at the relationship with myself.

I know this is a very subjective story and it may not be your story. There are people who have flourished because of a romantic connection. But I give you this example from my own life to encourage you to look at your own limitations and how they serve you.

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 – Ilie