Moving into Resonant Timelines – Ugrading Relationships

Abstracted and edited from this Class Talk by Inelia Benz, which is ready for download.

“Today, I want to talk about how a physical action based on a solid intent, on a solid clear intent, will shift us very quickly into a more resonant timelines.

Shifting into more resonant timelines, or manifesting the world of your dreams, and also basically shifting your reality, are all very closely related if not the same thing.

I’ve talked about manifestation many times before, and the methodology that we can use to manifest things quickly in the physical universe. I’ve also talked about how to reconnect with our environment, which is also part of the same thing.

Today I want to talk about the subject in more detail and from a slightly different perspective. Once we look at the creation, or manifestation, of our reality from different perspectives, we start to get a complete view, or more holistic, more empowered view. And with that more empowered view, we are able to manifest things quicker and more easily.

The example I want to use today, is that of relationships. And I am not just talking about love, sex and soul mates, like I have done for my course at Ascension101. I want to talk about all the relationships and in particular the relationship we have with each other as a human species. How we connect and reconnect with other human beings. The way in which those connections are either positive or negative to us, not in a judgemental way but in a resonance way.

When something or someone is very resonant with our own vibration we feel very comfortable around them and we can do great things together. And resonance has to do with equal vibrations it does not mean that both persons have to be high vibrational for it to happen, there can be resonance within low vibrational situations and beings as well. But what we are aiming to do is to create a more resonant environment and more resonant relationships with those vibrations which we want to achieve, the changes we want to see in our lives. And normally those changes are for more positive, higher vibrational experiences.

So let’s have a look at why it is important for us to be looking at relationships right now.  And why I’d like us to talk about the moving of ourselves into more resonant relationships.

Since the solstice of 2014 (in June) we have entered a period of time where relationships are up for us to look at and morph. The way in which we communicate with others and with ourselves has to be really looked at right now.

Everything we do has to do with communicating with ourselves and others. Everything is in relation to each other.  When we raise the vibrational signature of our relationship with other individuals we shift the world, we shift the nature of our species and the nature of our common co-creations and human experience at this time.

This period of time where we are looking at relationships I think will probably go for at least 12 months if not longer. So it’s, obviously, an ongoing thing as we shift paradigms, but is really really up for us to look at right now. And these things come in waves, so it’s really intense right now. So you might be getting a lot of people going through some drama, for example, with individuals going to rage and other things and then we will also find that you will be getting moments of “I’m done with this person/relationship/situation”. So all those are indicators that this is the perfect time to start addressing our relationships.

So let’s have a look!

Most of this call is going to be very practical with exercises and items for us to work through.

The first thing I’d like to address is the intent. So let’s have a look and see a relationship that we want to change.

It could be a relationship with a significant other, it could be a relationship that is based on the workplace or in our family or somewhere we live. Have a look and scan your relationships and see which one would you like to see improved. Which one needs an upgrade?

Once we have identified and located that relationship we can start the process of looking at blocks and fears and disbeliefs about the possibility of ever changing what’s happening with this other person.

In this MP3 we are going to upgrade a personal relationship and a group relationship step by step. Are you ready?”

You can purchase the full Audio, with the bonus Transcript for $36 here: Moving into Resonant Timelines: Upgrading Relationships, Audio Class by Inelia Benz

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