Power on Earth Linked with Shrines

Larry was telling me about some shrines built and used in the 1700’s by coastal indigenous tribes, or bands, as they are known in Canada.

The shrine the book described reminded me of Westminster Abbey in England. 

Although physically they didn’t look like each other, the Abbey being a grand old stone building, and the shrine described in the book was hidden with no flooring but beach sand and dirt, the energy line they both carry is the same. 

The energy line for both is that of a death cult.

Both places hold, or held, the bones of the dead and not any old random dead, but powerful dead.

In the book that Larry was reading a selection of, there is a detailed description of the creation of one of these shrines built by whaling chief of the tribe there, which involved the burying of powerful men in, then digging up their skulls and placing them on effigies that represented them and their power.

Other people were not allowed to go into the shrine, look at it, or even talk about it. And if they did, they would be killed. The whole thing was shrouded in secrets and occultism.

Across the world we find these shrines. Some, such as Westminster Abbey, are still active and used daily. The one described in the book Larry was reading to me was actually sold to New York collectors by two of the head men claiming ownership, so long it was removed when everyone was gone from the village.

Many churches across Europe have coffins with dead people buried in their walls and  floors. Mostly, these were powerful or gifted people when alive.

I wanted to talk about the creation and use of these shrines because they came about all over the world to link a death cult, and oppressive, power over others energy into our reality. Yes, even tribal realities separated by oceans from the Spanish conquistadors, and the coming US cavalry were deeply embroiled in power over other realities, anchored in basically the same way.

And of course now we are at the time when we no longer allow that energy into our reality.

When I was looking at the information shared in the book Larry is reading, and also looking at what I have personally seen in Westminster Abbey, I noticed the common denominators between the two. I also noticed how these things don’t work when what happens there becomes public knowledge. 

It is as though when we take away the secrecy and occultism that shrouds these places and goings on in fear and awe, the whole thing falls apart.

The rituals that happen at the Abbey are increasingly becoming visible. They are also now perceived as perverted, insane and powerless. As we learn about them, our thoughts, insights and observations dissolve the Power Over Others energies those places and rituals hold.

Instead of seeing powerful priests or shamans carrying out sacred rituals which invoke supernatural energies through death and sacrifice, we see a bunch of perverted men moving about in silly costumes, doing cruel and perverted things, and the ridicule of that image takes away any sway they may have had within our collective unconscious. 

It is time for life affirming shrines.

The words Life Affirming Shrines, probably evokes immediate knowing of what one of these shrines might look like. And we may immediately recognize that we have visited and seen these already.

These shrines are a celebration of life, Gaia and our people. The people of Earth. There is no secrecy around them, no pain or suffering, no martyrdom or sacrifice. On the contrary, there is plenty of knowledge, clarity, transparency, joy, light, love, inspiration and life.

I like to call these, Sacred Spaces. Several years ago, I organized a class that explored and delineated how to create one of these spaces. Here is a link to the video from that class.

And there is an exercise that I have shared with our students at walkwithmenow.com, that empowers every single person to become an amplifier and transmitter of the true nature and energy of who we are. Here is the exercise.

  • Write 200 things you are grateful for and love about yourself, your life, the world, environment and creatures and people around you.
  • Read this list every day and add to it as you feel inspired to do.
  • Do this for three months.

The exercise of feeling love and gratitude is well known within the Conscious Manifestation teachings to be powerful and rocket fueling your high-frequency experiences. The number of things to write was inspired by a different teacher. Up to now I was teaching the list to be just a handful of things. 

No more gently walking into the embodiment of the new paradigm! Let’s get some serious work done instead. There are immeasurable amounts of items and experiences on Earth, let’s love and be grateful for 200 of them.

How does this exercise dissolve the death cult power linked to shrines across the world? 

Have you heard the words, “your body is your shrine”, or “your body is your temple”?

As you fill your own body with love and gratitude by feeling and connecting with yourself, Earth, people, animals and everything else in our environment with the most life affirming energy there is, love and gratitude, the shrine you have within you, your body, becomes the powerful link to our true nature in the Universe. Our high-frequency natural state as human beings. This, in turn, disempowers external, artificially created low-frequency shrines within you and, by association, from our World.

That’s it!

P.S. A word of warning! DO NOT generate gratefulness or love for negative, painful or harsh experiences. Do not list them as things that made you a better person. This will amplify the power over others’ paradigm.

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