Water Fundraiser at the Shamanshack! We need your $50 or more

We have a well driller booked for this month! And we really need him.

In case you are not familiar with the Shamanshack, it is a community hall where Gaia and high-frequency humans gather and become ONE. It is sacred land that is owned and taken care of by Larry and Inelia.

The vibrational frequency at the Shamanshack is much higher and  stronger than other places. This fact alone, makes this location unique to the known Earth.

One of our original aims was to create a place comfortable and energetically clean for Inelia Benz to hold events where students could achieve and stay within their natural high-frequency state and have a direct connection with Gaia and the Universal High-Frequency Human Collective. 

Over the years, the Shamanshack has continuously changed to align and fit several different energies and types of connections beyond simply having events. Its most recent rendition being that of our Walk With Me Now Olympic Community connection hub. A place to gather, grow food, spend time together, enjoy high-frequency conversations and host those who are willing to travel here to get to know what we have created.

The Shamanshack supports our personal lives as well as those who arrive here to reconnect, learn, teach, and BE. But mostly, it is a location where Gaia can express a true high-frequency connection with us. It is beautiful and filled with life.

Three years ago, Inelia shared that the water would stop completely during the summer if we didn’t drill a new well, and sure enough it did. “Don’t worry, honey, that will never happen.” Was Larry’s response. Inelia smiled. It was true that this was unheard of in the area as the Shamanshack is deep in the Olympic Peninsula Rainforest. 

The first year the water well dried up and it stopped working for a couple of weeks. The second year it was for a whole month, and last year it was dry the entire summer. When this happens, it makes it impossible for us to gather and connect, let alone host anything like an event or retreat. 

We’re coming up to summer this year, and a driller of wells has appeared and found fresh true real artesian spring water where before all that we had was rusty surface water.

We need to employ him and his abilities now!  It’s a rare thing indeed in this area for a well drilling truck to make itself available, most places we’ve called answer “nope,” or “get on the list,” “maybe in a couple years.” 

We believe an artesian well from the natural spring waters of the area can be made available for anyone who wants it. There’s a neighbor near the Shamanshack who has tapped a well into this, the most delicious, pure water we’ve ever tasted (without a filter or a pump). We have an intent to allow those who visit to use this artesian well and to bring this beautiful structured water home, and in this way open up and make the Shamanshack more approachable, open and supportive of its purpose to the thousands who make their way past it each summer on their way to Lake Ozette. A way to support the high frequency humans who inevitably drive by, but that until now have no clear invitation to connect.  

A work of connecting the human collective with Gaia, indeed.

How to support 

We have an open invitation for your active support of this project. To continue to co-create a thriving, expansive Shamanshack and make the water here available not just for those who gather at the Shamanshack every week, but also for those who want to taste one of Gaia’s treasures, water that is structured, clean and filled with life-force. 

By donating your money, you are actively telling the Universe the type of reality you want to have in the world with your personal energy, chi, and action.

As we embody the New Paradigm, we cannot be passive about it. We must proactively take action at a physical, personal, and emotional level. We invite you to take action in this amazing project and support us in its execution. 

The Shamanshack with unlimited clean clear artesian spring water is truly a place where the human collective and Gaia can meet and can spend time together.

So let’s support this very real, very physical embodiment of high-frequency on the planet!

The total needed for drilling an artesian well at the Shamanshack is estimated to be $20,000.  Inelia and Larry have committed their resources to seeing this done first.   To drill an artesian well at Inelia’s house at the same time is estimated at $25,000.  To support their mission of raising the frequency of the planet through their many free and subscription works is massively supported by getting her access to this same water aquifer. So we have a stretch goal of $45,000 and a primary goal of $20,000.  

Thank you for your agreement and come drink the water !!!!!

P.S It’s about the baby salmon! Listen to our free podcast to find out about the babies.

Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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