What? 2013? Whatever next…

My position on December 2012 was never popular, and I got a lot flack for it.

“I’m going to buy popcorn and watch the proceedings”

“I’ll be Christmas shopping”

“Nothing is going to happen”

“We still have a possibility of dramatic change, but Gaia doesn’t want it, nor does the collective”

To tell you the truth, and as I stated before, this seeing was not popular with me either. I really, really wanted to wake up on the first day of 2013 to find that all wars had been cancelled, poverty eliminated, the pharmaceuticals removed from the business world, chemtrails gone… and on and on.

This seeing is not new, since I answered the call from Source to become public in 2010, I set up my page to read “Personal and Global Ascension 2012-2017”.

These years are the ones that we, as a human collective, are set to raise our own and the species vibration enough to reach critical mass, the hundred’s monkey effect. In 2017, it will no longer be necessary to “spread the word”, because everyone on the planet will have it accessible in a moment’s thought.  After that, it will take about 2 and a half generations to fully integrate the New Paradigm.

Yeah, 2 1/2 generations is also not a popular seeing by me either.

There are many, many people around the planet who have had an enormous boost and expansion of awareness this past December, and this is good! Now they are ready to start the work of becoming custodians of the planet.

Many felt absolutely nothing. And of these, many are now disappointed, feel conned and wonder how come there are wars still happening on the planet.

This is a sign that that person has not left, and never had left,  the victim/aggressor/savior/martyr cycle. They expected something external, and also for the species to get on with it.

The media is going crazy spreading this feeling of disappointment, spreading fear, and trying to force dis-empowering laws to pass as quickly as possible.

So, what can we do? What is next? How can we move things along?

First of all, realize that the New Paradigm, the 5th Dimension, or whatever we name it, is not a location (either in time or space), but it is a creation that begins inside each of us.

We raise our personal vibration, we process all negativity, we infuse our reality and our bodies with our Essential Energy, Source Light/Love.

NOW is when the work begins. Now that there are no more instant gratification dates for us to be distracted with, we can start creating what we really want to experience on this beautiful planetary being, Plant Earth.

If you are tired, and I am, take a few days off. Just disconnect from the internet, emails, newscasts, and go off for a few days into the wilderness.  Breathe, reconnect with the good stuff, Gaia. Everything else is just an illusion of confusion.  And then connect with five people who you consider to have a very high vibration. Whether you connect with them via their books, blogs, retreats, or know them personally, make them your five top relationships on the planet.

The five people we connect most with in daily life, are the ones we shape our reality with.

For a more in depth presentation see: Rules of Engagement in the new paradigm.

Inelia Benz

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