What is Awakening

Awakening is the moment that you realized there was more to life than meets the eye.

I am not here to convince you that there is more to life than the material world around you. You already know that.  I am here to share the process of awakening so that you can validate what you are going through.

In other words, you are not going mad.  Although, you may very well be losing your mind! Which is a good thing, believe it or not.

The process of awakening starts differently for each person. Some will start when something Earth shattering happens to them in their daily life, while others will simply wake up one day and realize they were asleep… for most of their life.

I think the majority of people I know, have awakened due to psychic or other extra sensory abilities they had that no other people around them had.

Many will look for books on witchcraft first, this is simply because witchcraft is the most well known social myth on subjects beyond daily reality.

But, a simple look at witchcraft will tell you it is a religion, a set of beliefs, a group of people who are into magic, nature and perhaps… running around naked under the light of the full moon.  And before you laugh, you should try it one day. It is amazing!!

No. I’m not a witch. Although many people think I am. This is their most acceptable, and reasonable, assumption about the things I can do, the things I know and the things I share.

Whether you are a Witch, a Christian, a Jew, a New Ager, the process of awakening will be part of who you are and it really doesn’t matter what religion you are. It started and, if you so choose, it will continue.

You also have a choice to accelerate it and enter your process of ascension.

In a way, the process of awakening is much more interesting to the mind than that of ascension, simply because it entails a lot of experimentation and research.

What you can do:

Learn about the process of manifestation, or Law, of Attraction.  This is the most simple and most accepted awakening information on the Internet.

Research the ability to stay in the Present Moment.  The most powerful awakening tool I have seen so far.

Expand your horizons. Stretch your comfort zone, start meditating. I have many tools and meditations you can use for free.

Study how we create our own reality, this audio class, Journey Into Manifestation is a gentle and powerful introduction.

And to keep you on your toes study the “Learn what controls your manifestations” audio class.

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