Where do you fit in?

A few months ago I announced that the human collective’s high vibrational frequency awareness, consciousness and mind had “switched on” and become available to us.

I encouraged everyone to feel into that high frequency collective awareness field, consciously join it and consciously become an active participant in it.

Since then, the information and “knowing” that we do and participate in “group” consciousness is growing by the day. More and more individuals are talking about it, making it “normal” and acknowledging it.

The mental “noise” or “chatter” we experience in highly populated areas, cities, airplanes, etc., are by many now considered something normal that we always knew about.

So where do you fit into our human collective awareness field?

Certain neighborhoods, or city areas have their own “flavor” or chatter that we feel attracted and supported by or repelled by.

That is why, for example, some cities will have locations, cafes, neighborhoods, where artists live, hang out or work from. Other areas might feel “dangerous” to walk through, even though no one is threatening us at the time.

Some areas feel supportive, and some don’t.

During our summer retreats at the Shamanshack this summer (2017), many individuals commented that there was an incredible “silence” here.  One person reported that silence was so deep and so complete that their own thoughts felt like they were being transmitted via loudspeakers.

There are other awareness and consciousness fields here that are available to us because the level of our human mental chatter is so low and therefore we can detect them, hear them and join them. Have you wondered what the forest thinks about in the morning? Or whether the Sasquatch are real? This place allows you to discover the answers to those types of questions.

That’s another example.

So how do we navigate this increasing awareness of our collective interaction, chatter and the pros and cons that come with it?

  1. Become aware that there are pros and cons to it.

  2. Have an intent to connect at the highest possible vibrational frequency interactions.

  3. Feel into where you are right now and see if you feel supported or drained.

  4. Tap into the local collective awareness field and see if the skills, interests and passions you have are present, supported, and encouraged, or not.

  5. Choose areas, groups and locations that support you, have lots of pros and no cons.

  6. Play with expanding and contracting your awareness field depending on where you are and what you need or want at the time (especially when traveling).

  7. Join local and/or virtual groups and locations that resonate deeply with you (I hang out at walkwithmenow.com)

  8. Know you are now safe to express your highest vibrational frequency mentally, emotionally and physically.

  9. It’s OK to let others stay in the old paradigm, release them to live their higher self choice.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called, “End of 2017 and O M G the moment of truth or what?” It talks about how we are now feeling the need to move to our own frequency very strongly. How we are therefore being pulled into dropping all the negative stuff, unsupportive stuff, and even our old stories now.

With the collective consciousness becoming part of our lives, and us choosing to remove old stuff from our lives, the road is clear. Embodying the New Paradigm is an urgent and absolute necessity both at a personal level and a collective level.

I will do everything in my power to assist you during this period. Stay tuned via my newsletter, FB page, WalkWithMeNow.com, or check ineliabenz.com regularly for updates on this evolving co-creation.

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