Why does Inelia refer to herself as a “program” or “construct” and not a person?

In many articles and interviews, Inelia refers herself as a "singular construct" or a "program". We received various questions about that so here is her response:

Basically, a "person" has a game to play, allocates importance to other beings, situations and such, needs "meaning" to live, has attachments, fears, and constructs that allow that person to have an experience in the physical.

In my case, those things are "constructed" to enable me to be the messenger in a way in which I can be understood. But they are not "real". That's why a "program" or "construct" is more appropriate a word to describe what people perceive as Inelia Benz. There is no real singularity behind the construct which I call Inelia. It is more like a holographic projection to deliver a very specific message to the planet and every being that is connected to it.

Some people have called, or allocated the label of "Avatar" to describe me. This is because an Avatar is here as an energy configuration to achieve a certain "result", rather than here for his or her own evolution, or wish to have experiences of life in a physical incarnation. In essence, the "avatar" is not really a "person", but a Source spark or creation to communicate and achieve something on the planet.

We are all sparks of Source. And, we all exists as Oneness. But those are levels of awareness that are often not very relevant when it comes to living life as a person. The opposite is also true. That when a person experiences life as a spark of Source, and awareness as everything that there is, identifying or living as a singular person is not possible. 

Obviously, I do enjoy my life here and have many wonderful human experiences and relationships. In that sense, I am no different to anyone else. But I do see my human experience as a game and an illusion and do not identify with it to any great extent.

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