Power Objects, Sigils and Occult Symbology

Are you fascinated by power objects and their significance? So am I.

OK, let’s talk about it for a bit.

The creation and culture of power objects is ancient. Not only has it been with us for as long as we have existed, it is used today in religion, commerce, education, governance and consumerism and many, many other aspects of our lives.

Did you know, for example, that most of the company logos you see today are sigils: mystical tools to empower that company brand?

Or that the dollar bill, and most other money notes and coins in the world are covered with alchemical and mystical symbols?

Yup, sigils and symbols are used to infuse an item, company or person with power. Lots of power. 

As soon as I discovered this, I decided to start using this knowledge for my own goals.

What are my goals?

The facilitation of the empowerment of people on Earth who have chosen to embody the High-Frequency paradigm and create a resonant reality here.

That’s why I create power objects.

How to make Sigils and Power Objects

How does one create a power object? Well, there are so many ways to do this that it took several lectures to get all the information out. If you like the idea of learning how to make one, answer this email with a “yes, I’ll attend!” 😉

I say that tongue in cheek as I know that a lot of people want to do stuff, but not everyone commits to doing it. When I looked at the energy of releasing some of this powerful knowledge and letting others learn how to make these objects, it felt to me that there are many, many people who are ready to do so. I spoke with the iBenz Academy Team to see if they will put on a workshop on Power Objects, they said “yes!” So we started designing and creating the material. Of course, as a Mystical act in itself, the creation of the material is loaded with mystical energy and power, and thus is very fluid. The core energy will be to have small groups of students taking the workshop which will be delivered once every two months or every month depending on demand.

Of course, a workshop on this topic is not the only way you can get the knowhow on how to create power objects. You can get tons of information for free on the Web. You have learned how to truth information, so there are no worries of making major boo boos while playing with mystical energies. DO use the thruthing exercise before you create items with instructions you find on the web, however. It is very important.

Anyway, creating power objects is super cool but although it comes with a couple of big warning signs, it is also not complicated. You can use just about any type of item and make it a power object.

In a different article I will talk about how I started creating power objects in mixed media and why. For those particular objects I use canvas, acrylic, gold, crystals, glass, symbols, sigils, oil paints, ink, charcoal, chalk, cloth, strings, mirrors… the list goes on and on. They are so much fun to create, and they are very, very powerful. I will be showing the methodology on how to do one of these in the iBenzAcademy workshop (coming soon!). 

There are no limits. If something carries lots of importance, significance, and a strong meaning to you, then you can use it.

A word of warning:

Don’t violate other people’s free will. Never do a power object to affect a particular person or impose your power over them. Of course it won’t work if they don’t give consent, but it is also true that most people give their power away to anyone who will take it. So don’t abuse that fact and stay away from trying to make people do stuff against their better judgment and conscious choice.

If you want to use power sigils and symbols but don’t want to create them, go to our website and download some super cool High-Frequency supportive ones for you and your loved ones. They all contain the clause of free will in them, so they only affect those who choose them for the purpose the sigils were created for.

Inelia Benz

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