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In some of my discussions about my latest novel “Interview with a Psychic Assasin“, I have mentioned another book that I wrote called: The 13th Mage. This book was no longer availble, but I have had so many requests for it that I have decided to create the Second Edition.

Here is what the book is about:

Owen O’Neill had his plate full. He had spent the past few centuries researching ways of getting hold of the one item what would make him the most powerful Mage on Earth; an activity which consumed every fiber of his being. Now he also had to complete a quest which had been pending for millennia. If that wasn’t enough, he had overdone his latest body rejuvenation process and instead of becoming a stable 50 year old, he was somewhere between puberty and young adulthood. Then in walked a pregnant Jennifer Stone. Jennifer was nothing to write home about. She was an ordinary mortal who thought Mages existed in books and computer games. She was also a bit on the skinny side. Had he known at the time that Jennifer was the primary target of the Shadow Ones, not only would he have walked away from the whole deal, but sold his house and moved continents with no forwarding address. Permanently. Fortunately he didn’t. A story of unconditional love and self realization.

I have created two options to purchase this item. One is the regular book that you can find here:

Get the book: The 13th Mage

And the other one is a Collector’s Edition. This is a fun way to support the website and staff and with this purchase you will also get a surprise photo signed by me :).

Get the Collector’s Edition: The 13th Mage (no longer available)

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  – Inelia

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