What will you be doing for Valentine’s day :)?

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Valentine’s Day is a very interesting day. It’s supposed to be associated with romantic love and it’s a time when couples do something “special” together: they give each other gifts, have a romantic dinner or make a trip out of town.

It is also a day when people who are not involved in a romantic relationship get to feel “extra lonely” and that can trigger all sorts of self-judgement from I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve to be loved to What’s wrong with me?

Of course celebrating one’s love or joyful relationships does not have to be limited to one or two days a year, but it is interesting to observe how Valentine’s day has a huge expectation built in, with people saving presents for that time, or making plans specific to that particular date.

Because of this build up, there are a lot of promotions and an increase of sales happening around this time. It’s is like an energy wave.

We’d like to ad to this wave as well, but… with a twist! 🙂

Instead of focusing on the outward expression of love and romance, on gifts or other expectations of things that “you should do for Valentine’s” we’d like to bring your attention back to you and your relationship with yourself. Everything that happens in your relationship or your thoughts about finding the “perfect other” are a reflection of your inner emotions and thoughts about yourself.

So our offer to you for Valentine’s day is a big discount for the course: “Sex, Love and Soulmates” that will be automatically applied at check out.

Our intent is that by ingesting the information presented in the recording and by doing the suggested exercises you will become aware of and then process any programs or barriers that may limit you in finding your significant other, or deepening your already existing connection.

You can let this be your “special experience” for this Valentine’s day :).

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In JoyLightLove,

– Inelia and the team.

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